Meet Angel Rivera, New Helix Model

If you like ’em young and tight, you probably find yourself watching Helix Studios porn a lot.  When it comes to good twink content, nobody does it better so consistently.  They’re home to many of the best exclusive models thanks to their family type atmosphere behind the scenes. Angel Rivera is a really sexy new […]

Helix Studios: Chandler Mason Has A “Cock Talk” With Corbin Colby

Talented newcomer Corbin Colby has DICK. I don’t mean that in the sense that he has no money, or is beret of furniture. I mean that he’s got a nice big COCK. He’s brought that cock to Helix, and sits down with Chandler Mason for some Cock Talk. We learn a lot about Colby, but […]

Twink Tank: Get Helix Studios For 30% Off This Weekend!

Holiday sales are the best! Helix Studios is offering all access monthly and annual memberships at 30% off this weekend. And as an example of what the twink porn headquarters has to order – here’s a three-way with superstars Zach Taylor, Blake Mitchell, and Sean Ford! This is the final part of the “Breakin’ In” […]

Sean Ford Is Fucking Brad Chase For Helix Studios

I don’t know, I think Blake Mitchell might finally have some competition for Hottest Twink in the Universe. Here’s how I know Sean Ford is hot. I’m not big into twinks. I tend to like my porn beefy with big round asses, just thick, thick, thick. But watching Sean Ford’s buttcheeks clench as he thrusts […]

Twink Tank: Helix Studios Has Us “Rubbed Raw” From “Taking Turns”

It’s a twinks-plosion! In preparation for our big redesign/relaunch (more on that later), I asked you guys if you had any requests as to content when Manhunt Daily gets a shiny new makeover. One of you, our handsome and perverted readers, requested that we post more content about nubile young men making each other cum. […]

Helix Studios’ “Lifeguards” Ends With A Booty Wave

Summer’s officially over. Shed a tear in the sand, “Lifeguards” has come to an end. Helix Studios’s already legendary “twinks fucking on the beach” series has wowed me with the gorgeous production values and the overall gorgeousness of the “lifeguards” involved. This series was kind of like watching twink dudes come of age (well, I […]

Calvin Banks’ Ass Finally Gets Fucked For Helix Studios In “Spit & Sit”

It’s about time! Calvin Banks has supposedly never been fucked on camera for Helix Studios. He’s definitely fucked a plethora of smooth-assed, young-faced fellow twinks in a variety of scenes, but he’s never gotten dicked in a scene. Well, there’s a first time for everything. In Spit & Sit, (I need to add that title […]

Twink Time: Helix Studios’ “Lifeguards” Is On The Way

Twinkwatch If twinks and twunks (as if my eyes weren’t already about to roll out of my skull from the word “twinks,” someone made up “twunks”) are your thing, prepare to have your swimsuit blow off by the YouTube trailer for Helix Studios’ Lifeguards: Summer Session. If I hadn’t known this was porn, I would […]

Twink Tank: Helix’s Blake Mitchell + Greco Rai

The American version of the farm that grows unreasonably attractive Eastern European youths for Bel Ami films, has been doing a bang up job for Helix Studios the last few years. And this pair is no exception. Blake Mitchell (glasses) and Greco Rai (hair) are smooth and handsome and just FULL of almost underage jizz. The scene itself […]

Twink Time: Ben Masters And Ashton Summers Commit A “Summer’s Sin”

Cuddled up at a cozy cabin in the woods, perfect couple Ashton Summers and Ben Masters are determined to make the most of this romantic get away. Without a worry in the world, the couple enjoy the fresh mountain air outside in the sunlight. The fresh air fires up their horny hormones, getting them aroused […]