What Have Bel Ami’s Freshmen Been Up To?

First, my apologies for yesterday, guys. The lack of posts was due to illness. I’m on the mend now, so I’ll try and post even more than usual to make up for it! Moving on, Freshmen is Bel Ami’s junior varsity squad. Think of it as sturdier twinks than Helix! In their latest round of […]

Bel Ami Goes On Summer Break

After a series of conventional couples, our Summer Break scene today is a 3way. Kevin, Kieran and Nino are teaming up for our viewing pleasure today in this scene shot by Luke Hamill (with the able assistance at times of Kevin himself). This is actually Kieran’s first ever scene, but he can’t seem to wait […]

Bel Ami: Adam Archuleta And Raphael Nyon Take A “Summer Break”

Adam Archuelta got a house for the summer. He’s supposed to be taking Raphael Nyon on a tour of it. But they sorta get distracted by each other’s bodies. They basically fuck in every room in the house. And their bodies and faces…they’re like sex angels! Click here for more. Adam Archuleta – Twitter – […]

Bel Ami: Hoyt Kogan Is Bringing The Summer Heat At 30% Off!

Bel Ami’s Hoyt Kogan is the subject of an exclusive Rick Day photo shoot in honor of their latest series, Summer Break. The body on this dude. He’s leading up an all-star cast in Bel Ami’s summer epic of sucking and fucking. All those tanned, taut bodies quenching every single desire for your beating off […]

Bel Ami: Antony’s First Time Bottoming (30% Off!)

The Bel Ami team is headed to Cape Town, South Africa to film. Antony Lorca really wants to go, but he’s told that he’ll have to bottom. He’s a buttsex virgin! What to do? Practice! He recruits Brian Jovovich to help him become a seasoned bottom. Antony’s apprehensive at first but, judging by the way […]

Bel Ami: Get One Month For Free!

Spring has sprung! As have the boners of beautiful European men, hungry for cum and for each other. Springtime is Bel Ami time! The site that features some of the most gorgeous men in the world is celebrating winter’s end with a special offer. Sign up for one month and get the next entirely free! […]

Bel Ami’s Freshmen Continue To Be Young Gods

Look at the beauty of the Bel Ami’s Freshmen dudes. That’s Nino Valens and Jamie Durrell. That’s Lars Norgaard & Claude Sorel. ARE THEY FOR REAL? The Eastern European dudes they snag for Bel Ami must come from some sort of factory in which the owners have sold their souls to the devil. Hot young, […]

Bel Ami Is Loving Kris Evans

Bel Ami is having a full-on Kris Evans celebration in March. They’re dropping a whole bunch of new scenes pairing him with some of Bel Ami’s most popular bodies. Speaking of bods, the man with what might be a perfect body has long been one of Bel Ami’s top performers. He absolutely deserves his own […]

Bel Ami: Ariel Vanean and Roald Ekberg Are “Physical Perfection”

Here’s some of those earthbound deities that are otherwise known as Bel Ami models. Smooth of skin, long of dick, and pretty of face – that’s the Bel Ami dudes. Their latest scene is even called Physical Perfection. And before you say “ok, get over yourselves, Bel Ami!,” look at them! Ariel Vanean and Roald […]