What Have Bel Ami’s Freshmen Been Up To?

First, my apologies for yesterday, guys. The lack of posts was due to illness. I’m on the mend now, so I’ll try and post even more than usual to make up for it! Moving on, Freshmen is Bel Ami’s junior varsity squad. Think of it as sturdier twinks than Helix! In their latest round of […]

Bel Ami’s Freshmen Continue To Be Young Gods

Look at the beauty of the Bel Ami’s Freshmen dudes. That’s Nino Valens and Jamie Durrell. That’s Lars Norgaard & Claude Sorel. ARE THEY FOR REAL? The Eastern European dudes they snag for Bel Ami must come from some sort of factory in which the owners have sold their souls to the devil. Hot young, […]

Happy Holidays, Freshmen Is Available For $10 Off!

Bel Ami’s new Freshmen imprint is already ringing in the holiday! They’re offering ALL ACCESS on the site for $14.95 a month! That’s $10 off the usual membership. You could probably sum up Freshmen as Bel Ami’s twink division. They’ve gathered some beautiful boys, and brought them together to fuck their brains out. Check out […]

Jon Kael Welcomes You To Freshmen.Net

Bel Ami has launched a new site featuring younger guys (I know, younger than Bel Ami?) called Freshmen.net. The featured performers retain that “Bel Ami look.” That translates as they’re fucking gorgeous. And yeah, it’s younger guys but not quite Helix Studios territory. But enough from me. Here’s their first featured performer, Jon Kael. He […]

Flashback Friday: Mike Branson in The Freshmen

Our last post about legendary gay porn star Mike Branson didn’t have any video clips in it. This is simply unacceptable, because you can’t fully appreciate Mike Branson’s unbelievably perfect dick without seeing it in action. In particular, you can’t appreciate Mike Branson’s unbelievably perfect dick (and everything else) until you’ve watched the locker room […]

Malachi Marx Does Freshmen

Contrary to what the title of this post might imply, RandyBlue model Malachi Marx is doing Freshmen Magazine not a bunch of horny college boys. We'd say that this was unfortunate, except his photo shoot with them is exceedingly hot. Seriously, I never knew a taint could look so beautiful.  Malachi is

Bel Ami Throws A Helluva NYE Party

New Year’s Eve parties are usually a bust. If you don’t have a date, you feel like a loser at midnight. If you DO have a date, there’s always the chance that your later-on fuck game might be in danger of champagne dick. Also, the drive home is terrifying. It’s amateur night and no one […]