Beefy Guys In Hoods Are Still Ravaging Other Beefy Guys On Bromo

Bromo’s the best. Most of their storylines revolve around intruders breaking into houses and looking to rape beefy fuckers. It’s ok, though, cuz’ the beefy fuckers end up being way into it, give consent, and get their buttholes blasted by big hooded dick. Well, the guys are in the hoods. I think. Most of these guys are cut. Except for Gage Unkut, one of the stars of Anon Breeder. Oh, that title. Gage is in a spandex hood in this one. Michael Roman is the guy who requested this scenario. Look at Gage’s body. Can you blame. Also, Michael’s peach-fuzzed muscle butt is just aching for a good dicking!

You can see more from this scene below, and watch the whole damn thing at Bromo. I want to try one of those hoods on. It looks fun.

Michael Xavier

Press “PLAY” to watch the teaser below.








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