7 Questions: Levi Karter

Whenever I see that beautiful face and very distinctive chest tattoo, I know that it’s Levi Karter and it’s going to be a helluva hot scene. EVERYBODY loves Levi, and his work with CockyBoys is premium jerk-off material. Personally, I feel like Levi is one of the best bottoms in the game – so responsive, so sexy, and ALWAYS looking like he’s FEELING IT and receiving the fuck/suck/rimjob of his life. Jake Jaxson of CockyBoys recently released his latest opus, The Stillest Hour. It’s a psychological porn thriller starring Levi, porn great Colby Keller, and hot newbie Will Wikle. Levi was kind enough to take on “7 Questions” (and then some) for us! We learned about his secret crush on Hayden Lourd (remember him?), the benefits of tequila shots in regards to shooting scenes, and the increasing size of his dildo collection. Keep reading and check out Levi in The Stillest Hour and tons of other incredible scenes at CockyBoys.

Michael Xavier

1. Do you get recognized on the street? Do fans ask for autographs or pics with you? How do you feel about that kind of stuff? Any horror stories?

If I get recognized, it is usually in a gay bar or on Grindr [Editor’s note: I’m sure he meant Manhunt. HA HA]. I have been stopped on the streets a few times. One time Jake Jaxson and I were at Target buying Christmas lights, and one of the workers at Target asked if I was “Levi Karter” and I said yes, and he just shook my hand really excitingly and said “omg I love your videos” and ran off ha.

2. What’s your favorite scene that you’ve ever shot, and why? Favorite scene partner?

My favorite scene I’ve shot would have to be with Hayden Lourd.

I think I like it so much because it was one of my first few scenes and everything was still new, including having sex with someone as tall and handsome as he was. He was like an Abercrombie model and I hadn’t been with someone that pretty, and he was fun and funny too — and I also kind of like how (unfortunately) he quit after two scenes. I don’t have to hear anyone else talk about him or their experience with him inside or outside my studio.



3. Do you think porn has changed you as a person? If so, in what way?

I don’t know if porn changed me, I’m sure it has a little here and there. Where I have changed or grown I believe has to do with who I surrounded myself with while being in the industry. CockyBoys has helped me stay focused, motivated, and taught me so much in and outside the industry.

4. Have you ever had to shoot scenes where you weren’t attracted to your partner? How do you get through those?

I haven’t really. CockyBoys tries hard to only pair scene partners who are into each other. I believe I remember being attracted to a partner until I met him in person, but it was shoot day and its work ha. I think I just gave myself a shot or 2 of tequila. Usually when you shoot, whether you are attracted to your partner or not, we are looking at porn on our own phones to get ourselves ready. Don’t get me wrong — I also had scene partners where we are just all over each other whether RJ was filming or not.


5. What’s something that your fans would be surprised to know about you?

Im pretty open about myself on social media, so I’m not sure what would shock them now – maybe that I love to eat frozen waffles

6. Dispel a myth about guys that do porn.

Straight guys who do porn aren’t straight — but I think that’s more of an opinion.


7. How did you come up with your porn alias?

A couple friends of mine, one who used to be in the industry, Christian Cullens, and I just started spitting out names before setting up my twitter – but we had to follow my original initials, LK, that I had already tattooed on my triceps. My friend Shawn said “Levi Karter…with a K” and I’m like – I like it!

8. Are you single or in a relationship right now? If so, can you describe the person? If not, what do you look for in a romantic interest? Would you date someone else in the industry? Why or why not?

I am single. I try not to look for anything specific. Usually we find what we didn’t know we were looking for and that’s fun. I always tell my friends I want a huge stoner bf but works out a lot too ha. I probably wouldn’t date anyone in the industry, I think because with porn models in our studio and who float from one studio to the next – once you’ve had them, everyone has and I’d just like to have him all to myself.


9. Do you have any kinks or fetishes that would surprise your fans?

Ummm.. haha I think my dildo’s are getting bigger, but other than that not really. I am already open to trying almost anything as long as it is safe on or off screen.

10. What was it like shooting “The Stillest Hour” with Colby Keller and Will Wikle for CockyBoys?

Shooting The Stillest Hour was a lot of fun! It is just the 3 of us the whole time so it was a lot less chaotic than shooting another project like One Erection (but still fun!). [Editor’s note: One Erection is one of MY favorite CockyBoys scenes this year, so many hot guys brought together and surprisingly funny for a porn series.] Colby is a pro and has been doing this for years and I am super excited I finally got to shoot a scene with him! Will has come from TV, so he knows how the camera works, and we met at a club (my favorite), so we were able to establish a great energy for when we shot, too.


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