Humpy Otter Leo Chevalier Is Young, Hung, And Full Of Cum

Bentley Race tends to keep em’ young. Leo Chevalier here is a French student who is way young. STILL LEGAL, of course, but young. I’m actually going to move past his age and just get to the body. Well, I’ll let Bentley handle that.

Leo has got beautiful hairy legs, as well as a nice furry bum. Eventually he gets fully naked and starts playing with his dick on the couch. Before he goes too far I grabbed the video camera to capture him jerking off and fucking himself with a dildo on the bed. It’s the pushing of the dildo in his hole that makes him blow cum across his belly.

It does that for me, too! See more of Leo the Hot Otter playing with a dildo below, and watch him in ALL his glory here.

Michael Xavier









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