BROMO: Dee And Body Gold Tag Each Other

When graffiti artists throw their signature up on something, it’s called “tagging.” Hence the title! (I know stuff! I know stuff besides cocks and asses!) Dee & Body Gold have some things they’d like to express, all of which may end up breaking some bylaws. But if anyone did witness this public fuck, nobody was […]

Bromo: Peter And Rosta Benecky Get Greasy

Never heard of either of these dudes, but I’m assuming I will in the future. Peter’s slacking on the job so Rasta Benecky greases up his ass and fucks the laziness out of him. I’d also like to give Rasta credit for an interesting fuck technique. He sort of puts just the tip in, and […]

Bromo: Dee And Peter One Test Out The Sex Bench

Bromo’s Dee and Peter One have convinced me that I need to pick up a semi-circular sex bench. It seems optimal for fucking. My ass could get railed when I’m on this thing! (And I could RAIL some ass. Perfectly versatile here.) Why I Need A Semi-Circular Sex Bench, Exhibit A: Why I Need A […]

Bromo: Dick Fucks Brick

The horny one in the blindfold is Brick Norwood. The hot blonde dom dude is Dick Chayne. That blindfold/bondage combo would drive me crazy because I would want to put my hands ALLLLL over that beefy fucker. Why isn’t he gagged, the kinkier types out there might ask? Oh, don’t worry. Dick’s got one in […]

Jordan Levine Is Fucking Bennett Anthony For Bromo

The porn industry has been an embarrassment of riches for me lately. BEEF IS IN. I will never not be in recovery from Dad Group, Part 3. My gravestone might read “Jerked Off To Dad Group, Part 3 A Lot” under my life and death dates. The gold rush continues with Jordan Levine and Bennett […]

No One Likes A Bossy Otter! (Bromo Is 20% Off For Life!)

There’s a moment in this scene where Brendan Patrick is deep-throating Jeff Powers’ thick flesh cylinder, and he begins to gag and it brought me back! It brought me back to one of my most embarrassing moments. It was a handjob to blowjob to swallow the evidence situation. I offered to get him to shoot […]

Jordan Levine Brutally Deals With Burglar Pierce Hartman (Bromo At 20% Off!)

Brawny Jordan Levine is PISSED that musclebunny Pierce Hartman had the BALLS to break into his place and try to steal his shit! Speaking of balls, that’s what Pierce is forced to nuzzle with his chin as Jordan PISTONS his cock in and out of Pierce’s yap as punishment. Pierce finds himself nude and helpless […]

Let’s Get Kinky: Bromo’s Raw Little Piggies

Here’s a scene that you foot freaks are going to flip out over. Bromo’s Raw Little Piggies features Dominic Chavez sucking on Brad Powers’ toes while Brad jerks his dick. Do you like getting your toes sucked? Brad (sans his ski mask) sure does. As Brad plays with his thick and veiny cock, Dominic slowly […]

Beefy Guys In Hoods Are Still Ravaging Other Beefy Guys On Bromo

Bromo’s the best. Most of their storylines revolve around intruders breaking into houses and looking to rape beefy fuckers. It’s ok, though, cuz’ the beefy fuckers end up being way into it, give consent, and get their buttholes blasted by big hooded dick. Well, the guys are in the hoods. I think. Most of these […]