American Idol Apologizes Over Perceived Threat

American Idol Judges

After a failed audition on American Idol, Mark Mudd said to the judges “take care and be careful,” as he walking out the door. Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell interpreted “be careful” as a threat similar to “watch your back” and they chewed him out. “You don't say that to people, ‘Be careful.’ That's just not a normal thing to say."

It turns out that “take care and be careful” is an expression specific to Louisville, Kentucky where Mudd is from. Consequently, the producers of Idol apologized for the judges’ behavior. "We now know better and look forward to visiting Louisville again someday."

Considering how klutzy Paula is, “be careful” is pretty good advice.

Do you have any local sayings that an outsider could misinterpret?

– Wilbur

Photo Credit: Fox

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