G.I. Joe Movie Trailer

I know when we were younger, we used to all watch the cartoon series G.I. Joe. Here is the trailer for the upcoming live film which stars hottie Channing Tatum as Duke. The movie looks kick ass and I can’t wait ’til it comes out! Check it out for yourself. Will you go watch it?

– Andy

13 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Movie Trailer

  1. “Who wants to see more violent straight white men?”
    Bitter, party of one.
    Jeez, bodyandsoul….maybe more movies on black lesbian pacifists may suit your fancy. Someone is taking life just a bit too seriously, here…especially when you throw in the race card. Just taking a wild guess, here but you are more the Easy-Bake Oven type, huh. It’s a freakin’ movie. GI Joe is make-believe. Can you say make-believe?

  2. what can i say, i’m horrified by the extent of obsession we can reach. poor girl she was not probably strong enough to face real life and chasing her dream of being like paula killed her. no judgements meant here, just sorrow.

  3. Yes, dj. I’m aware it’s a movie and it’s make believe. And, no, I’m not particularly interested in movies about Black Lesbian Pacifists (which by the way, seems to imply a certain disdain on your part for women, Blacks and Lesbians) I just don’t care to watch movies that glorify violence. Feel free to spend your money any way you like. That’s your prerogative. I choose not to. Simple as that.
    G.I. Joe may be make-believe, but I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that a country that produces these kind of films which glorify unbridled violence also spends trillions of dollars to facilitate the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis while our citizens watch as if the war over there WAS a movie and not the catastrophe of real people losing their lives and loved ones. We’ve been distanced and desensitized. If you cannot see that movies are a reflection of the culture that creates them, so be it.

  4. “Oh, and one more thing, dj. About your”easy bake oven snipe.” I never had one, nor did I want one. My manhood is not defined by the embrace of violence as a solution . It seems to me that you have swallowed hook, line and sinker, the old straight male paradigm of anything smacking of the feminine as weak and worthy of disdain. We’re GAY for Chrissake! We don’t have to believe that shit.

  5. you have to admit, a movie about Ghandi would be pretty epic… there just hasn’t really been enough black lesbian pacifists in society lately to really make a movie about them… atleast if you don’t want to make believe one up. but it can be a cool story under the right storyline.
    and no. shut up. this movie is clearly not making an honest attempt at a profit out of the current war.
    on a side note, i offer no level anticipation towards this movie as of so far. i’ll probably see it if i’m persuaded to by another, or a few other people. and even then it’s a maybe.
    Rescue Heroes the movie would be more interesting than this for me atleast.

  6. Actually bodyandsoul, I have no disdain for women. You completely missed the boat about your statement on “violent straight white men” vice my contrasting point. You see the parallelism, now? Apparently that is where your disdain is misplaced….with straight white dudes. Oh, and there are also some kick-ass women in the movie as well.
    Your misguided attempt at correlating this movie to the war in Iraq is nothing short of ridiculous, and laughable. Perhaps if this was another “Jarhead”, where it is actually a war movie tied to the current war, I would give you some credibility. You just wanted to take that one anti-war wild hair of yours and by magic, associate a fictitious comic book character with the Iraq war. Nice try.
    As for this coincidence? GI Joe has been around long before the Iraq war, and will be long after it’s over. He’s a comic book figure. So is Batman, so is Superman, and so is Captain America. Surely you weren’t suggesting that we censor action films, or films with violent content in them, until the war is over.
    Your arguments have way too many holes in it…but hey, you said it best….it is your prerogative on your choice of movies. And I respect your decision to not view films that glorify violence. I’m not one for slasher films, though I did enjoy them as a teen. I simply never take any movie seriously.
    I’d recommend reading more books, as I prefer, but then my favorite recommendations wouldn’t meet your approval due to the violent content in them (and some are even great literary classics). Books on race relations also have a history of violence associated with it, but even that may be a tough pill for you to swallow.

  7. Wow…so much drama here! See, this is why it is so hard to find a good gay guy! Maybe bisexual guys are the way to go..no drama with them and I’ve heard they are just as good, if not better, in bed than most gay guys.
    Anyway, I’m not a big fan of GI Joe, but it may turn out to be a pretty cool movie.

  8. “If you cannot see that movies are a reflection of the culture that creates them, so be it.”
    Great, bodyandsoul. I’ll remember that the next time I have Wolverine over to trim the hedges.

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