New Trailer For M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock At The Cabin Raises The Stakes

The first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming horror-thriller Knock At The Cabin set up the basic premise. Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge head to a rural bolthole with young daughter Kristen Cui, where they’re subjected to a home invasion by an intense Dave Bautista and friends making outlandish demands. Crucially though, we didn’t […]

Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger Had Friction Filming Brokeback Mountain

New secrets from the filming of Brokeback Mountain are coming to the surface. During an interview with Empire, director Ang Lee praised Heath Ledger by saying he “was a brilliant young actor. God only knows what he would have achieved later in life. He had so much talent – […]

Ncuti Gatwa’s Photos as Doctor Who’s New Time Lord Have Us Fangirling

Another peek of Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa as the newest regeneration of Doctor Who is here! ❤️❤️ We love a br(who)ding stare… Check out the Doctor and Ruby Sunday's #DoctorWho looks in brand new images! More ➡️ — BBC Press Office (@bbcpress) December 17, 2022 His outfit honors […]

WATCH: Scrooge is a cruising daddy in this super gay spin on ‘A Christmas Carol’

If your name is Candace Cameron Bure, stop reading now. You’re not going to like this one… Ten years ago this month, a gay little Christmas-movie-that-could premiered to a sold-out crowd at Chicago’s historic Music Box Theatre, and then was never seen again—until now! It’s called Scrooge […]