Mexican singer, actor and YouTuber Alan Estrada comes out

A well-known singer and actor in Mexico has come out as gay. Alan Estrada, 42, is known for his theatre, film and TV work. Starting in 2008, he played Mario in the wildly successful jukebox musical, Hoy no me puedo levantar (based on the songs of Spanish-language boy band Mecano).

In recent years, he’s established a big following with his Alan x El Mundo YouTube channel. It documents his worldwide travels and has over 3million subscribers. He also has over 1.6million followers on Instagram.

Until now, he’s kept his private life … well, private. However, over the holidays he posted a coming-out tweet.

Translated, it reads: “I never talk about my private life, my close circle knows that I am gay and I am surrounded by beautiful people. But this Christmas I have seen many people suffer because of their orientation and the rejection of their family. You are not alone, I celebrate you and you deserve to love and be loved.

He went on to clarify that his own family is “the coolest and I love them!”

Estrada’s message was broadly welcomed. Many fans said it made no difference and they appreciated him speaking up for those in a less fortunate position than him.

World Cup criticism

However, a few people questioned Estrada’s recent trip to enjoy the soccer World Cup in Qatar. The country has harsh anti-gay laws and has been criticized for its human rights abuses.

Estrada posted several photos to his social media of himself enjoying the tournament.

“My first World Cup. It’s amazing to see how Mexicans packed the stadium #mexicomanda A World Cup full of controversies, but in the end I think the problems of a country like Qatar are becoming apparent and this will probably be what will start the inevitable change,” he wrote on one caption.

Following some online criticism, Estrada tweeted yesterday that he did not mind “being questioned or attacked. I am here to learn. But I also have the right to differ in ideas, to defend mine and listen to others. Political trolls/bots and mean people are blocked without a word of change.”

Estrada then responded to one criticism directly. One follower said Estrada was not someone whose life was in danger in Qatar, and therefore it was little surprise he enjoyed the country’s hospitality.

Estrada tweeted back, “I am aware of my position and privilege and have spent years using my platforms for the causes I believe in without being an activist. I keep learning and thinking evolves. But I have the right to differ, defend my convictions and way of seeing the world.”

Via Queerty

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