New Trailer For M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock At The Cabin Raises The Stakes

The first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming horror-thriller Knock At The Cabin set up the basic premise. Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge head to a rural bolthole with young daughter Kristen Cui, where they’re subjected to a home invasion by an intense Dave Bautista and friends making outlandish demands. Crucially though, we didn’t get any wider-world context. That’s very much not the case in this latest clip, which reveals that the stakes are apparently more global apocalypse than cabin-in-the-woods.

The trailer is age-restricted so you’ll need to click through to here.

Where previously we only had Bautista’s word that the sacrifice he was asking for was to avert Armageddon – which sounded like the ravings of a mad backwoods cult – we now see him presenting evidence of what happens in the world every time Groff and Aldridge refuse. This being Shyamalan, we’re obviously looking for twists, and supposed video footage of real-time disasters is hardly concrete proof (‘Hey man, that looks like the director’s cut of The Abyss – you don’t fool us!’). But that plane in the really real sky suggests that, if there is a rug-pull, it lies elsewhere…

Rupert Grint, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Abby Quinn play Bautista’s family of doomsayers, and we’ll find out just how Shyamalan’s dastardly new game plays out when Knock At The Cabin hits cinemas on 3 February 2023. In the meantime, if you felt like ruining the surprises, you could always pick up the novel on which it’s based: Paul Tremblay’s The Cabin At The End Of The World is published in the UK by Titan.

Via Empire Online

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