Would You Hit That?: Jonah Hill Gaining Back Weight At Oscars

It’s no secret that I find Jonah Hill to be blergh. There’s just something arrogant and obnoxious there. Also, he reminds me of that guy in the 70s who entertained at children’s parties dressed as clown but also had stacks of dead bodies in his basement. Just a tinge. However, it’s always nice to find the positive. My co-worker Diego is slightly less cunty than me, and felt that Jonah was passable. It’s true, he looked ok last night. Not painfully lap-bandy thin, and not the house he used to be. What did you think? Was Jonah looking good enough last night to consider doing something sweaty with?

– J. Harvey

More pics of Jonah from the Oscars, after the JUMP:

732 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Jonah Hill Gaining Back Weight At Oscars

  1. I actually have no problem with bigger guys if they are sexy and confident or funny.   (Example Paul Blart Mall Cop–totally hot to me.)  Jonah’s a good actor, but in all the photos of him on the red carpet, he’s got this band nerd-at-the-prom kind of expression, and a very stiff demeanor overall, possibly due to a tuxedo that is ill fitting.  Whoever did his alterations should be replaced…those trousers are AWFUL.  I think the bowtie was a bad choice too, a longer necktie may have had a slimming effect.

  2. HOLY COW CODY, we both just lambasted Jonah’s tuxedo pants 0 seconds ago.    I love bitch synchronicity!!

  3. Meaning no disrespect to his weight, because I don’t mind some love handles to grab onto, and some cushion for the pushin … but I just find him really unattractive. 

  4. I saw him last nite, I think, in a clip, with Brad Pitt.  Reminded me of all those awful east coast dudes I went to college with.  They think they are entitled but they are total zeros!!!  I am going to go along with the “all those bodies burried in the basement” theory”~

  5. Obviously over indulged as a child, that accounts for the weight issues, the over developed sense of ego and the aura of entitlement, he comes across as altoghether too smug. I do not think he’s that good an actor either.

  6. And your all hot and perfect in every way I am guessing.. Bloody hell can’t think why people get down on themselves.. imagine reading this if someone wrote that about you. Fuck sake.

  7. He s a chub, I m a chub, and believe me, it s a hurtful way to be in the gay world. And I hope MH daily is encouraging poking fun, cause that last option in the vote category made me wonder. 

  8. I remember watching an interview with Steve Buscemi and someone asked him why he hasn’t had his teeth fixed.  He said something along the lines that if he did, he’d never work again.  I gotta wonder if the same isn’t true for Jonah.  Now that he’s slimmed down, is he still gonna get work?

  9. Wow, he’s not my cup of tea but the bashing is not cute.  I never understood gay peoples near obsession on tearing people down over their weight. shit. If he were ripped and hot I bet his “arrogance” wouldn’t really matter.  

  10. I just do not like him PERIOD !  There is something about his persoanality that just turns me off

  11. I agree.. There is something gross/wrong about him and I don’t even mean just his physical appearance …

  12. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I have no issue with the weight as much as his utter lack of sex appeal and his undeserved sense of accomplishment.

  13. You have a valid point, however no matter how “ripped and hot” a guy is, alot of us are completely turned off by arrogance. A little humility makes a guy more likeable. Whereas I could get fucked by the hottest, most arrogant ripped dude, and his arrogance would leave me hating myself after.

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