Quickie: Anthony Green

From Phillip Fusco to Markus Ricci, photographer Michael A. Downs never fails to produce electrifying (translation: boner-inducing) shots of the male physique. This set of Anthony Green from All American Guys is no exception to the rule. The last one is my favorite, because GOSH THOSE THIGHS. <– Pretend that’s a real sentence.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Michael A. Downs

Click through for more pics of Anthony Green:

See a few more pics at We Love Guys.

1,543 thoughts on “Quickie: Anthony Green

  1. i  don’t darer to say much since I  get jumped on everytime I make a comment – so  let me  just say Mr. Dewitt,   you  made  my  day  much brighter with this posting. thank you.

  2. Just the smile in the first picture won me over … and as to the rest of him …  to quote the Animaniacs, “HELLO NURSE!!”

  3. This guy should be arrested and jailed for being so fucking gorgeous. How are some granted with such great bodies and looks in life and others are trolls and out of shape?

  4. Because Kenneth he works HARD at his body.. you get what you give!!! Train hard and anyone can have a great body so many people full of excuses..

  5. OMG, the legs, pecs, arms, shoulders, abs, the low jeans, even his side. I’m not a bottom but my ass is in the air if he wants it.

  6. Trent, some people don’t have train or workout. They are just born with great bodies and beautiful faces. I have several friends that were born with gorgeous bodies and looks. They don’t have to work out all the time. Some have gained weight once they became over 40, got married, and just didn’t give a darn about their looks. Some people can eat what they want and don’t get fat.

  7. That was my first thought too.  Unlike Tim, however, I’m guessing this guy is actually okay with knowing that other dudes are fapping off to him!

  8. Hey Kenneth you are right 100% I don’t disagree it just upsets me when people are not reaching their potential.. I was a chubby kid with a  cute face and got teased, bullied etc and NEVER thought I would be or could possibly have that potential.. one day I started training little by little and who knew before I knew it I had a great muscled body and the world changed next thing I knew I was a fitness instructor on huge ships working in the most amazing parts of the world.. point is people may not look like the above it every case however its amazing what the old bod will do if you work it.. and trust me to this day I can go either way but at least I know whats possible. A side note being honest yes the above dude looks incredible but a I am more ‘sexually’ attracted to a confident guy with a hairy chest, bit of a tummy and a cute smile now that makes me melt every time.. and trust me I have been with the above.. SNORING…LOLZ take care mate.. Trent from Australia.

  9. He’s handsome and has a nice body but he’s clearly about 4’5″ tall.  I doubt I’d even notice he was there in a bar…..sigh.

  10. LOL; I hear you Trent and good for you. I too was chubby growing up. The men in Australia are dam gorgeous. Several have come to the U.S. and are actors here. One is Alex O’Loughlin.  He’s gorgeous! I don’t work out. I try to watch what I eat and I walk a mile or 2 a day. Take care, Trent.

  11. LOL@Tom; your comment was so funny. However, the man doesn’t look to be short at 4.5 inches tall. If so, who cares? I dam sure would date him. LOL

  12. DAMN! That body. That first pic after the jump…so fucking adorable, hot and sexy all at once. Someone get those pesky undies off of that rocking bod and get some pics of it up in here.

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