Who The Hell Won: Week Of 2/20/12

How about them Oscars? Sheesh. When your most exciting moment is a near-death actress striking a ridiculous leg pose, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach. Ugh, so much wrong. Very little right. Billy Crystal in blackface. Go lay down.

At least we got to look at Jean Dujardin a lot. Yes, he bellowed in francais but at least he’s nice to look at.

Speaking of winning, who in the hell won all of our polls last week? We know you’re dying to know. Check out the results (and pics) after the break.

Oh! If you could – please go to About.com and vote for Manhunt as “Best Gay Dating Site” in their Gay Life Reader’s Choice 2012 Awards. If we win, everyone’s getting free Manhunt.

– J. Harvey

iPhone Wars: Battle Of The Muppet Lovers & Randoms

I’ve been where Dewitt is. You scour Guys With iPhones and find two great pics of fuckable guys sporting Muppet paraphernalia. Great topic, but those are the only two pics! Never fear, just throw in a couple of randoms and make sure one’s showing his dick. Works every time. The dick won by the way – 46.91%.

Who Would You Rather?: David Gandy And Gabriel Aubry

It’s not like we had to re-check the votes. You guys would fuck both of them. At the same time. Some of you are already on all fours in hopes of a spit-roasting.

Top Or Bottom: Joe Manganiello

Man, you could stare at Joe Manganiello all day, couldn’t you? Sexy fucker. As to whether he bends or thrusts, 60.57% of you feel that he would stuff you like a ballot box.

Hmm, there weren’t a lot of polls last week. You need more entertainment. Check out this awesome video of Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest publicity stunt at the Oscars which ended with an urn of ashes all over Ryan Seacrest.

3 thoughts on “Who The Hell Won: Week Of 2/20/12

  1. The Oscars sucked. It’s like they go out of their way to find the most obscure movies to nominate. Was glad for Meryl Streep and Octavia Spencer though. Sacha B.C should be banned for life. Save that stuff for the MTV movie awards. 

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