Would You Hit That?: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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No matter how hard we try to stop talking about Zachary Quinto, he just keeps popping into our lives. A friend of Manhunt Daily recently spotted the Star Trek and Heroes actor on the NYC subway, hanging out with Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson

We were hoping for sparks to fly between these two, but our source claims, "They were just hanging out, looking hot and amazing. No butt touch… They were just up on the A, like normal people. Then they got on the L – they were totes headed to billyburg for hipster fun."

Though you may not care about this random celebrity sighting, you probably have an opinion on whether Jesse Tyler Ferguson can be categorized as "hot". So without further ado, we have to ask–would you hit that?

– Dewitt

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7 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

  1. he’s kinda fuckable….the one thing i’ve learned about the many gingers i’ve hooked up with, is that for some reason, they are usually pretty hung. not sure why that is…maybe it’s God’s way of apologizing for giving them pubic hair that can glow in the dark? i dunno, but hung is hung!

  2. A guy with a sense of humor,and flaming red pubic hair?Fuuuuuck yes!Agree with Hayson,many of the gingers I’ve met up with are hung(and,thank the Stars,usually bottom!).He’s got a hidden sexiness.Is he out gay or just gay on the show?

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