Woof Alert: Jason Torres

The whole premise of Jason Torres‘ solo scene for Men At Play is “captured and humiliated”. As far as I can tell, this basically involves him getting tied up, drenched in water and forced to watch himself masturbate in a mirror. What’s so humiliating about that? It sounds like an average Wednesday night to me…

Kidding, kidding! In all seriousness, Jason is looking sexy as fuck in this scene. Looking at these pictures makes me want to straddle him, lube & wrap that uncut rod and then proceed to ride it while I run my fingers through his thick chest hair.

Hmm, that’s strange… I started writing this post in my desk chair, and now I’m finishing these last few sentences on my knees. How could that have possibly happened?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Men At Play

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75 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Jason Torres

  1. personally – it’s not unlike a fantasy I have had and fulfilled a couple times. It’s being able to see myself as a voyeur. And an exhibitionist. The exhibitionist doesn’t do it to shock others, he does it to defy conventions and to please himself in defiance – so it’s a start to please myself and enjoy getting off on getting of. As a video – it’s tame, and it’s liberating.
    It’s a do it yourself permission to re-create it for one’s self. Perhaps that’s the simplicity to role playing. It’s giving ourselves permission to give ourselves a boner with our boner play.

  2. he is all man nipples rings and all and would to suck cuddle fuck and be sucked and fucke by him also

  3. Man this dude is hot! When you first look at him he looks like he could be related to the Hottie Chris Meloni from Law & Order: SUV and HBO’s OZ. What a hot sexy looking Stud!

  4. Guys say “type” woof b/c we are all DOGS…
    just remember to keep your man on leash…

  5. Doesn’t he look a bit like that guy from Heroes on the first picture? Adrian Pasdar?

    PS. Cocks that veiny scare me.

  6. WOOF!! Yes, it is a totally appropraite word to use for this sexy gent…thank you for finally posting a MAN on here…enough of those scared confused looking twinks from earlier…this guy is most definitely “sex on a stick”….preferrably sitting on MY stick…woof indeed…

  7. Love the hairy chest! That’s a man! Not that men without hair aren’t (disclaimer since everyone is so touchy about what constitutes being a man). Very sexy. Not the best looking, but very sexy, nonetheless.

  8. oh for god sake he is old, fat, grossly hairy and not even remotely good looking facially.

    what is the point of this.

    u could dig up my dads grave and his rotten corpse would be hotter than this

  9. Poonanny U sound so morally bankrupted that I am willing 2 bet that U have already dug up your dads grave and his rotten corpse lays ( disgustingly ) beneath U every night !!!

  10. poonanny obviously doesn’t get the daddy concept. That may change for him some day, or maybe not.

    Even as a teen, I was always into this look — and older guys. A guy doesn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to be attractive. In fact, some time, being too attractive is a turn off. I hate guys who are prettier than women.

  11. i met him a few years ago in birmingham and he was half the size camp as fuck and wearing makeup! i just hate steroid queens who think they can grow some facial and body hair put on a deep voice and kid themselves they’re real men! fake fake fake

  12. Poonanny – if only you knew what your nickname means in Ausralia you would disappear up your own fundament in shame. And as for your vituperative spray about this guy, where exactly do you get off? I guess you are beautiful..

  13. Simon raises an interesting point,unfortunately there are far too many guys in porn these days on steroids. Most of them are queens who just want to hang out with the big boys, i have screwed several of these so called porn stars over the years and believe me, you are more likely to find a real man at your local bar than on the set of a porn film!

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