Sex So Good You’ll Forget They’re Straight

It always slips my mind that the majority of Sean Cody models are straight (or at least identify as such). Yes, I understand the concept of a heterosexual man taking dicks up his butt for money. It’s just that they always look like they’re enjoying it so damn much.

Take Alan and Jamie for example. The way these two are all over one another, it’s hard to believe that they’re not legitimately into the sex. I mean, have you ever seen a straight guy eat ass that vigorously? And don’t even get me started on Jamie’s bossy bottom tendencies! He grinds his ass so hard on Jamie’s cock that you’ll worry it’ll fall off…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Sean Cody

To check out Alan and Jamie in action, follow the JUMP:

53 thoughts on “Sex So Good You’ll Forget They’re Straight

  1. the moment they engaged in man-on-man erotic contact, they lost the ability to deem themselves “completely straight.”

    i might be lenient (maybe) if this is their only time bumping nasties..
    ..but if it happens again, i won’t let them get away with saying, “oh, i was just doing it for the money.”

  2. These men are sexy. But please, they’re not straight. And, if you look closely, you’ll find several of them concurrently on (other) gay porn sites. Do a lot of guys really get off on thinking they’re straight?

  3. One of the supposed straight guys from this site was on Craigslist looking for cock. I don’t really call that straight.

  4. Do people not know that behavior doesn’t necessarily mean identity? Sure, it may seem far-fetched, but just because one engages in certain acts doesn’t mean he/she/zie needs to identify a certain way.

  5. They are at least semi-curious or bi-sexual enough that a hole is a hole and mouth is a mouth. The I’m only doing it for the money argument is so bull in my mind. I’m pretty damn gay, I’ll make out with girls, but vaginas scare me. If you’d offer me the option to sleep with a girl for $5,000 or to sleep with a guy for $500, I’d sleep with the guy, ten different times. If these guys were truly 100% straight, why would they chose to suffer through sex with a guy over banging a chick for easy money, even if it paid more. That just means you have so bang more chicks to make rent, not exactly the worse thing in the world in their minds I’d imagine.

  6. I think what they mean by ‘straight’ is they don’t love men and aren’t attracted to them. So in that sense, their straight.

  7. The Str*8est men are usually gay….and the gayest men are usually Str*8. There’s a difference.

  8. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so no matter how you put it the only work im seeing is GAY

  9. Yeah, riiiight. Straight. If these two are entirely straight then I am a guy and I have a dick.

  10. two of my favorite guys on the site…i don’t know about alan; he might just be a really good actor.

    but jamie’s eaten just a few too many loads for me to think he’s totally straight.

  11. Alan fucks so vigorously and passionately I though he was gay when I first saw him do it.

    This guy he’s fucking is hella hot anyway.

  12. I don’t buy a man who is straight having sex with another man just for money. It just seems to fall into that category of being more elusive to some gay men if you’re viewed as possible straight prey. How many of us have seen men stripping at gay bars who claim they are there just because the tips are better than straight bars? I would NEVER stick my tongue in a woman’s butt or vagina for money. For a straight man to rim another guy and claim he’s straight….BS!!!

  13. WHO CARES!! The point is: THEY ARE HOT AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT! Geez! Get over the argument already! Do you really care that much?!? Are you really going to have a chance to do it with them?! So…. It really doesn’t matter then!
    Dewitt, these guys are hot and look great doing it together! Thank you.

  14. I think they R defining straight by the fact that Alan dick went STRAIGHT up Jamie ass !!!

  15. You guys sound like the folk who used to say that “one drop of black blood makes you black”… Why does it piss you guys off so much if they’re straight and do this for money, straight and like the sensation of something up their ass, straight and have no problem getting their dick sucked or sucking another man’s dick? Obviously, what they’re saying is that they don’t feel any romantic attraction toward men. Period. If a gay man has sex with a woman, we don’t tell him that now he has to re-label himself “bisexual”. Leave them the fuck alone. If a guy wants to walk around with a propeller in his ass and call himself an airplane, why does it matter so much to us?

  16. (if I catch wind of a “gay” man who willingly has sex with a woman, especially more than just the one time, then i wouldn’t let him get away with identifying himself as “completely gay.”

    it wouldn’t really matter if, for the rest of his naturally life, he only has sex with other men: it’s not simply about Choice, but also about Opportunity.

    ´being presented the Right Opportunity.

    since he had already demonstrated the capability — so far i’ve only has sex with other men.. ..but under the right circumstances & conditions, i would have sex with a woman: both a regular woman, and a female-to-male woman.

    i can call myself “gay,” since that’s all i’ve been thus far, but that wouldn’t be my complete truth.

    here’s the thing about the reverse of that situation:

    me, and a few other people, believe that one of the most important steps for overcoming society’s rampant Homophobia is for more [men] to begin owning up to their sexual feelings for other men {or women who identify as Men}.

    {i’m “sorry” that some Studios stand to lose a lot of money once they are no longer able to continue pretending that they’re documenting the conversion of heterosexuals to our camp; but in the name of Progress. . . . . .}

    . . . . .so, yeah: for that reason, we do care how these individuals label themselves.

    in the case of Alan & Jamie: it seems that they enjoy what they’re doing with one another too much, for most on-lookers to believe “oh, We’re str8, but we just need the money,” or whatever other Excuse they’d proffer, if any.

    {i can certainly vouch, that your average Homophobe/Gaybasher wouldn’t be moved by such a plea — “look, Fag, my eyes don’t lie.”}


    a full-blooded breeder would rather shoot the 10 peen-on-Vagé for $500 each, instead of doing the one queer-scene for $5,000.


    what does “romance” have to do with it?

    even though it might seem i had simplified things here a lot, i still do fully understand that Human Sexuality is quite complex.

    but, you see: there is only one way to define Heterosexual.

    additionally, there’re these concepts known as “keeping things behind Closed Doors,” and “not saying things that can, later, be held against you by the jury of Your Peers.”

    {i shouldn’t have to spare further verbiage to explain how this applies here.}

    once one engages in activities that defies that iron-clad Definition, one risks having one’s identity redefined for One.)

  17. They may call themselves straight but they are not heterosexual. No heterosexual man would kis another man, suck another mans cock and have sexual intercourse with another man for money, on film or for any other reason. Real straight heterosexual men wouldn’t even consider it….There are to many of them in my family and I know for a fact that none of them would.

  18. Sure, these guys are totally straight, just like a vegetarian who eats a big piece of steak and totally enjoys it… is still a vegetarian if he says so.

    It’s not just that these guys have sex with other guys, they are TOTALLY INTO IT and TOTALLY SKILLED AT IT. They’ve probably done it numerous times before! I mean, do you remember your first time with a guy? Probably quite awkward, and if you bottomed, probably hurt like hell. So, unless these guys are super-talented actors or a totally rare breed, they are lying about being straight.

  19. Then again this is coming from Sean Cody….If anyone remembers the recent Devon Hunt scenario.

  20. I think “Straight” and “gay” are terms used to indentify who you choose to love and not what acts you do. I could fuck pussy all day (for money or movies) and I’d still call myself gay but a gay person who does straight things. Sucking cock, getting fucked and fucking are just activities. We are all bisexual at our core, we just typically choose to express that one way or the other (unfortunately).

  21. Oh who the hell cares?! They got paid for our enjoyment…and it’s porn, people! Why in the hell is their sexuality so important when all we really want is hot guys banging each other. It’s not as if we are or ever will be an integral part of their lives…well, perhaps in the pocketbook. Gay-for-pay is working well for Sean Cody and other flesh-peddling sites if customers continue to pay to see hot dudes going at it…gay or straight.

  22. porn doesnt pay much….!!! there is no way theyre straight lol

    just remember its REALLY easy to SAY “yeah im straight”, but let me tell you no gay guy would get a boner for a naked girl’s fishpus vagina, so no straight guy would let a cock in them or get covered in someone elses cum

    theyre just fucking lying in order to turn you on, theyre obviously totally gay

    how much money would you want to fuck the wrong gender and have it posted on the internet??? considering they get about £350 for this, youd hardly do it if you were straight and your future wife and kids and all your friends were going to see you having gay sex

  23. i feel sorry for those individuals who continue to say “who the fuck cares if they call themselves ”straight” or ”gay” in porno flicks??”

    you don’t seem to understand that That is the very attitude which is likely helping prevent the LGBT Community from having more members in it.

    if it weren’t for Homophobia (and the fear of being identified as non-Heterosexual), then there will be so many other people who’d have no qualms for being in touch with their true sexuality.

    (for the record: i don’t actively seek out erotica that depicts “straight” guys acting out of their character.)

  24. I agree that in the porn industry it doesn’t really matter how actors identify (I mean if studios can make money by saying their actors are straight, more power to them). The problem is that in America and a lot of other countries, too many people grow up without any kind of real sexual education, and therefore end up learning about this stuff from – where else? – the Internet. If gay guys don’t even understand what different terms are referring to, how are clueless straight guys (both hetero- and homosexual) going to have any idea what term to identify with?

  25. The whole thing is a marketing ploy. These guys are simply having to much fun. As one who has eaten plenty of pussy, sucked cock and enjoyed all of it, I can say at best these guys might be bi. And to me, bi means part gay.

    There are plenty of guys who DO like cock, who don’t want to admit that they’re gay or part gay. They’re all over craigslist looking for dick. It will be a good day when nobody cares (except your sex partner of the moment) what your preference is.

  26. Come on…straight men doing gay things is pretty much the hottest thing in internet porn!!

    These video companies have these guys call themselves straight to grab a few bucks.

    I dare any of you to go out whereever you want to go in the world and, offer true straight men $5000 or whatever they get to have full on gay sex with another guy, whether he be the top who has to kiss another man, suck his cock, lick his ass and then fuck him like its the best piece he’s ever had in his entire life, where all of his friends and family could view it…


    whether he decides to kiss a guy, suck his cock and then have his ass pounded hard and long by another guy’s cock, and keep a full, belly banging, hard-on while he’s getting pounded, shoot a huge load on his belly, and the again kiss the guy who did it to him, like he was eternally grateful…

    Yeah right! I don’t think so…

    Now, is it hot, does the idea that these guys are really straight make it hotter…somewhat, I like it better when its a gay guy seducing a straight guy….

    Yeah, one for our team! LOL

  27. hot pics….SEAN CODY is a good site, and i enjoy seeing the guys kissings, sucking, and fucking each other,,,, i dont really care if they are gay, str8, or bisex…. just keep the HOT PORNO coming !!!

  28. Bruce, that was my point. If the guy wants to claim he’s an alien, I don’t care! Just so he looks good! Sorry to disagree with you again, St. Impatience, but does it really matter about our numbers? Are we staging a take over of the world that I didn’t know about? Please don’t feel sorry for me (which I’m sure you don’t and I feel badly about). But I am going to sleep perfectly well tonight without knowing whether these guys are really gay or straight. It really is no skin off my nose.

  29. it does matter, our numbers: ´don’t know about you but, i think “a billion” is better than “a million.”

    if that is the potential which is available, once Shame is no longer a factor..

    ..then, yeah, i’m going to want to pursue The Gay Agenda.

    it’s not about the porn or about these Labels, really — it’s always about the bigger picture.

    i am more than willing to give up that Gay Dream of converting a Breeder if it means i can live in a world where a bloake no longer need to feel afraid to express his carnal interest in another bloake, because the recipient wouldn’t blow up in an “anti-Gay Rage” but, instead, can find it in himself to be gracious enough to say, “Thanks, mate, but I don’t go that way.”

    we can get on that path, by calling “Spades” spades when we encounter them.

    (i think.)

  30. (p.s. — since i know that most of these guys with the dicks in their mouths and the Jissom on their skins aren’t Straight, i too go to bed with an already-alleviated mind.


  31. Well, let’s be realistic, here. It’s a hard sell to anyone if you’re going to attach some gay agenda to porn. Guys are fucking guys. Guys are watching hot guys fuck, period. The concept is simple….whether it’s the pizza delivery boy, or some dude making a poor decision and walks into a warehouse of leather pigs. There is a huge disconnect between gay porn and any mere attempt to place some intrinsic value beyond what porn already is…porn.

    Guys are not, nor should they be, looking at porn for some sense of identity. We should also not hold the gay porn industry to any level of accountability. Otherwise, we’d all be fucked up individuals. But hey, if you choose to see or create a bigger picture, more power to you…just have your credit card handy for that next porn site subscription.

  32. let me guess: you’re one of those deeply closeted ones.

    right, navysausage¿

    so you can be content with sneaking around, and doing married “straight” guys because of that “thrill.”

    or will you tell me that i have it all wrong?

    i just got through saying that it’s not about the porn itself — furtherly, i am not seeking my Identity from whack-off material.

    don’t you get it?

    it’s those straight guys who are in need of accepting what they are: not straight.

  33. So you know for a fact, St. Impatience, that these guys are not straight? Could you show me where they said they were gay, please?
    I’m sorry, you can argue all you want that since they did a gay sex video, that they are gay. So… Since I screwed my ex-fiance many times, I guess that makes me straight! Dang! I guess I’m not homosexual after all.
    Sorry to the guys I’ve slept with these past few years. I lied to you. I’ll be hitting the titty bars tomorrow night.

  34. Whoah, someone ran off on a tangent. I will tell you that you do have it all wrong, Impatience. I can see by your assumptions/attacks on me (no I am not a closet case), that you are as jaded as your gay dream and gay agenda you speak of.

    You say it’s not all about the porn or labels, yet you use this article (straight men in gay porn) as a platform to launch these generalizations about people you know nothing about. You are using a marketing niche in the porn industry to justify your remarks on straight guys having gay sex…and blowing it all out of proportion, mister. Your rhetoric about feeling sorry for those of us not caring whether the actors are straight, bi or gay should be based on how we, the gay consumer, view gay porn. Your opinions may go beyond the scope of the Sean Cody article, but our comments are based on the article itself…and it’s on porn. So for some wingnut reason, you took it upon yourself to create some bigger picture, and unfairly paint us into that picture. You can’t make fair arguments through these twisted lies.

    Don’t you get it?

    If you keep making other people’s lives your business, than you are in for a life full of disappointments. You can’t force people to accept what you or anyone else thinks they are. I’d like to say get over it, but we know that won’t happen since you admittedly do have a gay agenda…and are one of those activist types who finds happiness in outing people. In trying to help, all you and your ilk only achieve is making enemies on both sides of the aisle and causing a greater divide.

    Here’s a swift kick in the teeth on reality. You stated:
    “…if that is the potential which is available, once Shame is no longer a factor..”

    Are you freaking kidding me? “..once Shame is no longer a factor..”? You want to rid a human characteristic, in this case, about the shame of being gay? Really? I suppose you also believe in the notion that 100% of the world’s population will embrace homosexuality some day. Heh heh. Don’t hold your breath on that one, cupcake.

    Now let’s sit down and discuss this while you get back on your meds and remove those rose-colored glasses.

  35. Anyway, I agree with those who see two very hot men fucking as nothing but adult entertainment, and not some irresponsible act towards the gay community because they said (or were directed to say) something that got someone’s panties all in a bunch. However, all you sensitive ladies out there, guess what? These paid actors also use stage names while they’re having sex with each other. Impostors!

    Anyway, there’s a great night out ahead for me and my mates. RIMPAC (chuckle) exercises begin next week, and Waikiki will be teeming with squids from other countries….woohoo! Continue the dialogue without me…I’ve said all I cared to say on this subject so no sense in revisiting this thread. Besides, I’ve got the duty van, and I need to head on over to the base to pick up the Shore Patrol guys…pronto! Aloha!

  36. anyone here (besides the usual suspects) agree with Sausage Man?

    (you’re free say so, and to also be wrong, right along with the fellow, of course.)

    i have another regret, in that you’ve resolved not to return to this thread, because i wanted to let you know that i don’t feel you’re comprehending precisely what i’ve been saying.

    for now, i’ll content myself by letting any remaining Interested Readers try to parse, in relation to this article (and for life in general), one of the statements you’d made: “If you keep making other people’s lives your business. . .”

    these two guys, certainly, weren’t being ‘private’; compare that to what i’d said a little while back: “additionally, there’re these concepts known as ‘keeping things behind Closed Doors,’ and ‘not saying things that can, later, be held against you by the jury of Your Peers.'”


    it does work both ways, Tamsters; accordingly, i was careful not to say that our friends Jamie and Alan (and, by extension, similar Chaps) themselves were “gay.”

    what i had been saying about them and their ilk was, “not straight.”

    (you would do well to remember the distinction.)

    i wouldn’t call you “straight” either — i’d label ya, “gay, with a 15% chance of becoming bi-sexual under the right conditions.” (´kinda like a weather forecast.)

    (that Kinsey Scale sure is a wonderful thing.)

    regarding what the two gentlemen had said which led me to conclude they’re not straight..
    ..well, i think i would blush to repeat it, sir.

    (p.s.: the Gay Agenda, as i interpret it, is setting in place the conditions that will reduce, and eventually eliminate, the prejudice against [Consenting] non-Heterosexuals.

    it seems rather a simple desire — and pretty noble, too.

    i really cannot imagine an intelligent, well-informed, fellow non-Heterosexual being against it, in seriousness.)

    i’m kinda surprised you are wont to be contrary, too.

    finally gaining acceptance should be something you’d embrace, i would think.

  37. St. Impatience, I’ve done my best the past couple of weeks to get along with you. But I have to agree with navysausage.
    The more I read of your posts, the more “out there” you get! You try to come across as intelligent by using big words and all of that, but what you end up doing, in the end, is making an idiot out of yourself.
    I too wish that navysausage would return one more time to this post to let me tell him “Bravo!”

  38. i’m “out there” because i want guys who bump nasties with other guys to refrain from calling themselves “100% straight” in seriousness, and because i don’t want to LGBT Community to continue to

    • live in fear
    • hide who they are


  39. So…… Because some porn dudes say they are straight, we are going to continue to live in fear and hide who we are??? What planet did you come from?!? Dude! You take porn AND YOURSELF way too seriously!!! Yep! Since these guys bumped “nasties” (why call them that since they really are so beautiful parts of the body, sir?), I just can’t bear to go out in public and show my face anymore! That’s it! I’m going back in the closet! Hope nobody saw while I was out!

  40. are you letting Emotions blind you?

    or, are you trying so very hard to assassinate my character that you will reach for anything (real or imaginary {mostly Imaginary, from what i’ve witnessed}) to attack me with?

    (cripes, but i wish you’d stop trying to muddle and confute things by casting your aspersions on my phraseölogy when it’s largely meaningless to do, within these particular contexts — now is not the time to psychoanalyze my use of “bumping nasties,” for example; besides.. ..i’ve been far more tolerant of your *actual* linguistic inadequacies & failings, here•to•fore.

    {you know—

    —since i’d rather get my Jollies by disputing what’s in your message, as opposed to how you’d expressed your message, tamithy.})

    at any rate: i shall effortlessly squash your counter-claim, en entirum, by making it known that i’m not able to account for where you’d gotten this simplistic Cause & Effect (“Because some porn dudes say they are straight, we are going to continue to live in fear and hide who we are…”) from.

    i am compelled to confess my admiration of your flexibility, because you’d made quite a stretch there, bud.

    ´see, this is what i meant: the day when there is no longer a global stigma on Non-Heterosexuality will be the day, ostensibly, that the “need” to pretend to be 100% Str8 (when one publicly engages in activities that, clearly, are anything but) will cease.

    (where’s my proof?

    the billions of people who continually go through their entire lives never having sexual relations with the same gender/sex — even when the opportunities present themselves.)

    in the interim? all ya gotta do is state, “i am mostly XYZ, but once in a blue moon i will do ABC,” if that is your inclination.

    or, better yet: just let your actions speak for themselves, as opposed to letting Words potentially betray you.

    seriously — if i’m seeing a red blanket, i refuse to let you ´suade me that i’m actually looking at a turquoise crayon.

  41. Mr. Impatience, I would LOVE for you to point out my “linguistic inadequacies and failings”! Here-to-fore! No dots! Hyphens! I guess my Masters in English doesn’t mean anything to you. My point: you have NO CLUE about writing correctly! NONE!
    You are such a tramp! Can you read that? I tried to put it on your level.
    I want to know WHY do we even have to label ourselves at all?? WHO GIVES A DAMN!?!? I do NOT go into a store and wonder if the person shopping beside me is gay, straight, or bi! It doesn’t matter! There are WAY more important things in life! And who cares if there are billions who go through life having never had a same sex experience?!?! That’s their choice!
    You are a crack pot! I’m going to do my best to just ignore you from now on. You are queen in every sense of the word. And just plain ignorant. Your false pretenses fool no one! Get that? NO ONE!

  42. i feel pretty honoured to have been given the opportunity to speak with an “omniscient” entity, as often as i have.


    ..because i didn’t write the above using “proper english,” you will refuse to acknowledge that statement’s very existence.)

    I feel very honored to have been given the rare opportunity to correspond with an “omniscient” entity, as often as I have.


    i am glad to know that i am at least somewhat-successful in riling you, mr. myers.

    i am also glad that you have just given me the opportunity to identify you as one of the countless number of individuals who is College Educated, but Life Illiterate.


    it is no loss for me, then, if you choose to ignore me from here•on•out.

    so i will thank you for the Experience Points i’ve won by “battling” you; i’ll do my best not to waste them.

    (you sad, sad little man, who has been fighting so desperately to cling on to his False Perceptions, lest he slips and falls back into the Real World..
    ..more than anything, i should refuse to acknowledge your existence, until/unless you show me you’re not of the millions of Cookie-cuttered Sheeple.

    of course, you have no such capability, monsieur.

    why should i care when an individual of such obviously-limited depth {You, tam} pronounces me “ignorant”?)

  43. I dont mind sucking a dick or having one in my ass under the right conditions, usually in a mmf 3 some and the other guy has to be very straight acting.

    However there is no way i could kiss or cuddle a guy, it turns me off.
    So what label should i wear ?

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