Who Would You Rather?: United States of Tara Edition

Rejoice! Good television is finally back on the air. This Monday marked the season premiere of The United States of Tara. To celebrate the occasion, we’re putting daddy against son for a scorching battle of Who Would You Rather. Yes, there are only two options. We regret to inform the hardcore chub and twink lovers that Patton Oswalt and Michael J. Willett are not among them.

Your first choice is John Corbett, the nearly fifty year-old actor who plays Tara’s husband. You may recognize him as “Aidan Shaw” from Sex and the City. His competition is none other than Keir Gilchrist, the eighteen year-old actor who plays his son. You may recognize him from, well, this show… When it all comes down to it, who would you rather?

– Dewitt

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19 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: United States of Tara Edition

  1. i’ll take the “nearly fifty year-old actor” anytime.


    maybe he could pair off with the older gentleman (whose name i still don’t know nor can figure out) from “maverick men,” and really offend some of the ageists here.


  2. OK that was too funny….ageists indeed!

    John Corbett is hot, like a MAN should be…..woof!

  3. There is no question in my mind … John Corbett all the way. The man is freaking gorgeous! I have had a crush on him since the first time I saw him on “Northern Exposure” many decades ago. He was sexy then and is sexier now.

  4. I love John Corbett’s sex scenes in USOT… he’s so rough and passionate… not to mention smoking hot.

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