Rob Lowe Slept With Tom Cruise. True Story.

To promote his new autobiography Stories I Only Tell My Friends, actor Rob Lowe has appeared shirtless (again) on the cover of Vanity Fair. The book chronicles his career from his Brat Pack beginnings to The West Wing, right down to his current stint on Parks & Recreation. More importantly? Rob Lowe is fucking gorgeous.

In the magazine’s interview, Lowe reveals wild tales of his time spent with Sean Penn, Matt Dillon, Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise. Here’s a slightly edited quote about his time spent with the latter: “I’m a pussy [bottom]… Dive into… me… immediately.” Make your own assumptions about the context. Apparently, they slept together. Literally*. In a bed!

– Dewitt

* Pretend I just said that like Chris Traeger, his character from Parks & Recreation.

Photo credit: Vanity Fair

For a walk down memory lane, follow the JUMP:

Highlights of Rob Lowe’s early career:

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19 thoughts on “Rob Lowe Slept With Tom Cruise. True Story.

  1. Rob showed his ass in nearly every move he made, that was one of the many great things about him 🙂

  2. My sister’s baby daddy is as old as him. Why couldn’t she have gotten with him instead? It would be a bad thing though. I’d constantly get him drunk and take advantage of him.

  3. Didn’t he have a sex tape in the past? Him and another guy sharing a female prostitute.

  4. i’ve never cared for rob… acts so-so and i never understand the smerk he ALWAYS has on his face?

  5. I have always had the hots for Mr Lowe
    10 lick rating

    and of course all those guys fooeld around together – those WERE the days..

  6. Dewitt U should have encluded the shot of Robs ass ( from About last night )when he and Demi More where N the kitchen getting a late night snack …..

  7. You could have thrown a couple of shots of Tom in there also. A shot from “All the Right Moves” comes to mind, where he show part of his dick, in the bedroom scene. I have always thought both were good looking and would have loved to have been in the bed with them.

  8. Still so fucking hot! I’m sure that when he and Tom “shared a bed” that they remained fully clothed and totally did not put Rob Lowes cock in Tom Cruises ass. I’m almost certain that didn’t happen…except that it did.

  9. I can’t help but find him very condescending and self righteous… there is always something more going on in his interviews and that he keeps holding back and hiding what he truly feels about alot of things. Always acts like he is above it all and everyone.
    Very handsome but very shady.

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