Who Would You Rather?: Once Upon A Time

Initially, I had dismissed Once Upon A Time as a knockoff of Bill Willingham‘s comic book series Fables. Fairy tale characters living in the modern world? I mean, it’s an interesting premise, if you throw in more sex/murder/violence and less annoying children who make me want to rip my face off.

Although I still haven’t made up my mind about the show’s status on my DVR, I’ve come to one very important conclusion—the two male leads are extremely attractive. The role of Sheriff Graham is played by male model Jamie Dornan. His fairy tale counterpart has yet to be revealed, but he has a beard and shaggy hair which means, duh, I want to shove my penis inside of him.

Then there’s Josh Dallas, who plays the role of Prince Charming. He didn’t appeal to me until I realized he has the most perfect dick sucking lips in the damn universe. They’re all pink, plump and inviting, framed within this pretty-but-almost-dopey face. They should really rename him Prince Jizzy Lips, because that’s where his true talent lies.

Ugh. This is the hardest decision ever. Who would you rather?

– Dewitt

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16 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Once Upon A Time

  1. I’m pretty sure the sheriff is gonna turn out to be ‘the wolf’ ya know? and ya he can do any dirty bad thing he wants to me!!!

  2. They actually confirmed that he WON’T be the Big Bad Wolf (which, again, would be such a ripoff of Fables). My bet is on The Huntsman.

  3. Sherriff (whose name ends in)-ham… Ummm… I’m putting my money on a Sherwood Forest character.

    Meanwhile… I’m sure I’m in the minority once again, but I want to see Josh Dallas and Chris O’Dowd fuck.

  4. They already ripped off Grimm’s fairy tales or use it for a basic back drop so everyone steals from anyone look at Apple and Samsung tablets (of course it did result in a lawsuit), but I would go for Jamie Dornan.

    I think he will be sheriff Nottingham makes more sense than the big bad wolf.
    Why would a queen sleep with a wolf?
    A sheriff would make more sense.

    What’s up with all the fairy tale shows? Grimm is great though and the main protagonist is attractive.

  5. “I think he will be sheriff Nottingham makes more sense than the big bad wolf.”

    Good call, Senyaichiya!

  6. The Sheriff is in fact  “The Huntsmen” who was sent to kill Snow white, It showed it in the Preview last week it will show his true character on Sunday. 

  7. Well he reports his nickname was Chris Wellen-Dowd, so I don’t suppose he’d be too offended by your typing.

  8. Jamie kinda looks like an Ashton Kutcher clone, and since Ashton decided to start looking like a homeless guy with that long greasy hair, I’ll take Dornan, thanks.

  9. Darn you Rick.
    I saw this in the wiki of the show: “It was recently revealed that he is the huntsman that took pity on Snow White and let her go as talked about in episode 3.”

    I guess a queen can sleep with a huntsman to get her way.

    Thanks for backing me up anyway Dewitt!

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