Here Are Some New(ish) Pictures of Todd Sanfield

Todd Sanfield still owes us a video where he spreads his butt cheeks and makes his booty clap. If he weren’t so ball-drainingly hot, we’d hold a grudge against him for never delivering on that promise… But he just keeps doing sexy shit all over the place! With a body like that and a propensity towards being naked on camera, how could we not love him?

Here are two new(ish) sets of photos by Kevin McDermott and Tony Duran. Join us as we masturbate and use our cum to plaster them onto our bedroom walls look at them.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Kevin McDermott

Click through to see more new pics of Todd Sanfield:

These last four shots are by Tony Duran:

(via We Love Guys)

15 thoughts on “Here Are Some New(ish) Pictures of Todd Sanfield

  1. he’s a hot guy and his body is amazing¬† but….wow, ken-doll crotch.¬† that’s kind of a let down

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