Who Would You Rather?: Family Jewels Edition

Long before little bro Harry out-hotted the future King of England, Wills was a hottie (luckily for both of them, they got their looks from their Mum). With practically 24/7 coverage of the week leading up to the Royal Wedding, Wills has once again caused my heart (okay, that’s a euphemism) to flutter.

True, he is a bit thicker around the middle and his hair has thinned out, but I still find something attractive about the old chap. In one interview, I couldn’t help but giggle when he mentioned his “rock sack” as the hiding place for the engagement ring prior to presenting it to Kate. Or was that rucksack? The accent threw me off…

Either way, I imagine that Kate will be getting very well acquainted with the “Royal Rock Sack” in the coming weeks. I think the hype surrounding this marriage is a bit ludicrous, but as a devoted Wills follower, I’m sure I’ll watch.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Do you agree with Diego that Prince William is still totally doable? If so, is he hot enough to beat his brother Harry in a royal battle of Who Would You Rather? Click through to vote in our poll!]

– Diego

To check out a few pictures and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

PRINCE WILLIAM (Old picture, but whatever):

PRINCE HARRY (Old picture, but whatever):

30 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Family Jewels Edition

  1. So you use a picture of William that isn’t a reflection of how he looks now and a photoshopped picture of Harry…

  2. Harry is way hotter always has been and always will be. I did like that dick pic of William that leaked a few years back though…. Maybe harry should follow suit.

  3. Where’s my option to vote for Prince Carl Philip of Sweden? Beats both the English princes by a country mile if you ask me.

  4. Wow i think Harry is more like to get in his pant after a few’s drinks, than his bro 🙂

  5. Without a doubt….Harry is HOT!!! Cute as a new puppy. I’d love to “pet” him.

  6. are you kidding me? i would so fuck either one of the handsome boys. or even better do them both

  7. Does anyone else think that these lads are from different dads? Someday this Princess Di scandal will be proven with DNA evidence.

  8. When William was younger he was the hotter of the two, but now that they’ve both matured, Harry is a lot hotter. I wouldn’t kick either one out of bed, but I would be more likely to invite Harry in first.

  9. Prince Carl Philip is about the equal of William, certainly not on par with Harry, neither in looks nor personality.

  10. As William has gotten older, he’s started to look more and more like Charles. Harry, on the other hand, bears a resemblance to Diana’s paramour, James Hewitt. But then, he also looks quite a bit like his uncle, Diana’s brother. Of course, a paternity test was done on Harry, and it showed Charles as his father, so it’s all moot.

  11. Will seems 2 be very wrapped up in the royalty protocol thing where Harry seems like he is able 2 relax and have a good time.

  12. I would do either one of them they are both hot, but I have a fixation on redhead so in this poll since I can only pick one i would have to be Harry.

  13. Harry would be my #1 choice….of course I would do William in a heartbeat, but Harry is much sexier than William…..in my eyes anyway. Would lick every inch of that mischievous looking dude….just LOVE HIM.

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