24 thoughts on “Fuck, Marry, Block: RuPaul’s Drag Race

  1. Fuck Yara (’cause you know he’s gotta be wild and fun); Block Carmen (’cause I don’t wanna hear that whiny nasally voice again or deal with him thinking he’s the queen of the universe), Marry Raja (gorgeous, nasty, self-assured with a soft spot).

  2. Fuck Carmen…many many many times OVER and OVER again
    Marry Raja…she’s funny and our personalities would totally link up, love that bitch
    Block Yara…she’s fucking annoying

  3. Personally….although I find none of them to be attractive personally….

    Fuck: Yara. She just seems like a lot of fun but the extraterrestrial element and the eventual meltdown (did YOU see her final lip synch? No thanks.) would have me restricting her to a one night stand.

    Marry: Raja. She’s bad ass. She could be an arrogant wench sometimes and I wasn’t a big fan of the “Heathers” as a group cuz’ they were pretty stank. But she brought it just about every time and seems like a cool person to hang out with.

    Block: Carmen. Blech. I think her dick has spent too much time back up inside her and she’s crossed over. Plus, she made me hate reaggae even more and I didn’t think it was possible. Dumb bitch.

  4. Fuck Carmen- Definitly a bottom who can take it
    Marry Raja- So life can be interesting
    Block Yara- nough said

  5. Fuck Yara–you can only imagine the crazy shit she’d pull
    Marry Raja–good looking, smart, and funny with a good heart
    Block Carmen–she’s not that hot and way too full of herself

  6. I love all of them! But:

    Fuck: Carmen (hotter than Raja in my opinion but he seems more of a one time thing)
    Marry: Raja (She’s established, very attractive and seems like the type that’s in for the long haul)
    Block: Yara (While I love her, I don’t find him very attractive and just simply less appealing then the other two)

  7. Fuck: Yara… As quoted by Arden Myrin in the stand-up comedy episode, she can spend a lot of time on her knees.
    Marry: Raja… She would keep me laughing, she’s a great drag queen. And if we get divorced I get half the $75,000.
    Block: Carmen… I don’t know why people lost their shit over her. She’s not pretty. And if I wanted to fuck a girl, I’d be straight.

  8. block Carmen (though I’d want to fuck him/her once)
    Fuck Yara (best friends with benefits)
    Marry Raja

  9. I pretty much wanna fuck all three.
    But if I just HAD to choose.
    F- Carmen. He’s the sexiest.
    M- Raja. Best personality.
    B- Yara. Oh god, that accent.

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