Watch A New Clip From Date Night!


As much as I want to be excited about the upcoming Tina Fey and Steve Carrell movie Date Night, the promotional material hasn't quite been funny enough to induce a total comedy-boner. With that said, I'll be seeing this movie even if the reviews say that it's epically terrible. 

Why? Because my fake boyfriend Mark Ruffalo's in it! Shit, I went to see Where The Wild Things Are just for the single minute that he appeared onscreen… It also helps that Mark (we're on a first name basis, obviously) is joined by fellow hotties such as Common, James Franco and Mark Wahlberg.

Speaking of the latter hunk, he can be spotted without his shirt in this short preview clip of the film. Considering that it's not particularly hilarious, I really wish they had made up for it by placing Wahlberg in less clothing. Like, wouldn't this scene have been funnier and hotter if he were wearing nothing but tighty whities? Or he could be totally naked. Just sayin'.

– Dewitt

To watch the clip, follow the JUMP:

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