Jesus Luz Gets Record Deal For Being Pretty


The Sun reports that Madonna's boy-toy Jesus Luz has signed a record deal and will be releasing his debut single "We Came From Light" as soon as this summer. This clearly was a result of his immense amounts of talent, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with being an atrociously hot Brazilian model with a famous girlfriend.

Madge has allegedly enlisted club legend Victor Calderone to secretly produce the entire album help polish Jesus' work. Rumor has it that her own vocals appear on one of his demos, but sources claim their presence on the final version is unlikely. Is there any chance that this will actually be good? The answer to that question is probably similar to the response to this: Does Jesus Luz have a big penis?

– Dewitt

4 thoughts on “Jesus Luz Gets Record Deal For Being Pretty

  1. Does anyone remember Nick Scotti? He was one of Madonna’s boytoys who released a cd with her on one of the tracks. It seemed to really help him. 🙂 How about Madonna get herself back on track and make some good music?

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