Straight Guys Are Gay: The Homoerotic Heteros of “Whoa, Dude!”

My favorite tall person with a beard, Jonny McGovern, promised he’d fuck me for a good post about “Whoa, Dude!“, his new web-series that brings together the “funniest intentionally and unintentionally homoerotic clips created by your fave local frat boys, skaters military men, jocks and […]

Milkshake: An Erotic Tale of Aggressive, Unapologetic Pervy Sex With Rob Delaney

I will set the tone for my wildest fantasy: perverted, aggressive, unapologetic fucking with comedian and newly-minted author Rob Delaney. A bit of background for the unfamiliar: he’s straight; he’s married; he’s a feminist and an ally; he is a hilarious comedian; he is body […]

Manhunt’s Exclusive Interview With Bryan Safi From “That’s Gay”

The Emmy-winning Bryan Safi is (was? *sad face*) the host of InfoMania’s “That’s Gay” segment. It’s where Bryan regularly skewered some of the more ridiculous aspects of gay culture and haughtily slapped his evening glove across the face of the homophobic population. I use “was” […]