Unlockables: Potty In The USA


Toilets aren't sexy. Well, most people don't think they are. So why have I seen so many pictures of guys posing near (or on) a toilet bowl? If you're trying to attract someone who wants you to poop on them, then you're headed in the right direction. I mean, we're not gonna judge. Whatever floats your boat!

There are plenty of places to take pictures, so I fail to see why being around a toilet has become such a popular option. It's not the worst of offenses when it's just in the background or you're bending over it, but what's up with all the shots of guys sitting on the pot like they're taking a shit? So not sexy!

– Dewitt

For more dudes with toilets, follow the JUMP:





12 thoughts on “Unlockables: Potty In The USA

  1. Dewitt, come on man! I know your knowledge of the community goes past the Internet? So much of the social aspects of our community, especially the closeted aspects of the community revolve around the Tearooms. Serving Tea was a euphemism for having sex in in a public john. It was taboo, just as gay sex was taboo. The public restroom became associated with sex and to this day in many communities is the only place where men can associate sexually. Add to that, for many men, the first place where they actually begin masturbating is on the toilet as a preteen-teen. In many homes it was the only place to have the privacy to be able to accomplish that goal. “Beating your meat on the toilet seat” was the saying that probably many men can relate to easily. Add to that the association with piss and toilet training in the BDSM world with sexuality… the toilet is a natural place to take a picture naked. Maybe not appetizing for some, but not unnatural none the less…. Plus I wouldn’t mind finding the first guy on the floor in front of my toilet! Just saying!

  2. yeah, the first guy is incredibly hot. Though I would do him in the bedroom, not the bathroom. lol

  3. I have 2 agree with David ( A guy standing at the john taken a piss can be kind of sexy ) However the hot dude N 1st pix ( after the jump ) nice FUCKING ass but the shot of the roll of toilette papet is a NO GO 4 ME .. FUCK that ass HELL YEAH
    WIPE IT FUCK NO !!!!

  4. Potty in the USA. This is the wittiest thing I’ve seen on this blog. Loves it.
    All these pics are hot. You don’t have to be into scat or piss to find these pics/guys hot.

  5. The golden rule, “Brady Bunch” your bathroom pics.
    For those that don’t know, in all those episodes of the Brady Bunch (the bathroom shots) – you never, never, never saw a toilet!!!

  6. Nice try Thom, but the toilet is where you deposit smelly piss and where stinking crap drops from your bum.

  7. Thom’s analysis is spot on. When gay sex was totally taboo, we eroticized all sorts of taboo stuff like sex in the bathroom. Now that gay sex is much less taboo, we still eroticize all the other taboo stuff that grew out of it. That’s why closeted Republicans keep getting caught in taboo situations.
    Q: How many Republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    A: Republicans don’t screw in light bulbs. They screw in public restrooms.

  8. Personally, I don’t have a problem with toilets.
    What drives me insane, though, are water bottles (full, half-empty and empty) strewn everywhere and photography equipment/lighting showing in shots.

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