Unlockables: Keeping It Tasteful With Leon

You don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time on Manhunt. We’re going to demonstrate this phenomenon with Leon. Though a few of the shots give you a peek of his pubes, none of the pictures in this post show his naughty bits. But you can look at those here.

Let’s say, for a moment, that Leon presented you with the seven pictures after the jump (as well as the one above) and asked you to help choose his main profile picture on Manhunt. Which of the shots would you recommend that he use? More importantly, which of these shots would entice you to click through to his profile?

Last week on Unlockables, young hotness Taylor Lautner Taylor Lockner showed us that there’s nothing better than capturing yourself post-orgasm. His hairy hole managed to get quite a few votes as well, though the least popular image was a cropped shot of his soft dick. Check out the full results here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Straight Fraternity

To check out the pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:








18 thoughts on “Unlockables: Keeping It Tasteful With Leon

  1. I like that he’s got an attractive smile that’s also warm and genuine…he doesn’t seem to put off “My s*^% don’t stink and I’m WAY too sexy for you” airs.  At least not IMHO.  All that and a rocking hot body…NICE!!!  Put him in “The Ten!”

  2. I definitely agree with all the posts so far. I voted for the first pic after the jump, but actually would go with the initial pic as well. He is (in looks anyway) a perfect ten.

  3. The fact that he never actually shows the goods (in these pics) is driving me crazy!  With each photo, the shorts gets a little lower, his hands move a little lower, and my dick gets a little harder.  There is not an actual penis to be seen and yet I am turned on like nobody’s business.  This fucking tease has got me dripping with anticipation!

    Leon had better make “The Ten” and with one of the highest ranking debuts to boot!

  4. I was torn between 1 and 7. Love the smile, and the hand own the pants thing has a cute playful vibe to it.

  5. #1 is what I’d love to see greeting me every day when I open the door to my house.

  6. I agree with all the comments above this guy is a PERFECT 10  4  the  10   🙂 !!!  BTW I chose pix 5  but all of the above should have been included among the choices .

  7. All of them are winners except maybe 2 and 4.  That pose rarely looks sexy when anyone does it except maybe body builders during the middle of a competition.  Dude is SEXY!  Those naughty bits are pretty tasty too.  Oh Leon.

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