Must Watch: Beth Ditto Does Madge

Beth Ditto is the rubenesque beauty with the hot voice who fronts The Gossip. She’s also launched a solo career, and the video for her single “I Wrote The Book” was a tribute to Madonna’s “Justify My Love” vid. That was the one where she had the black & white fetish orgy across an entire hotel floor.

Beth’s Madge-fixation doesn’t end there. She recently played a private party and did a bangin’ cover of “Vogue.” You hetero chubby chasers out there should grab the Keri lotion and a tissue. The rest of us can just enjoy  her killer voice.

In a cool sidenote, Madge’s business partner and pal Guy Oseary Tweeted that Madge saw this and thought it was “great.”

– J. Harvey

To watch Beth Ditto “Vogue,” Follow the JUMP:

30 thoughts on “Must Watch: Beth Ditto Does Madge

  1. Let’s do the str8s a favor – dump the Keri Lotion for Albolene.  It will transform you relationship with Fistina and her 4 sisters.

  2. what about her voice are we suppose to be impressed with? she’s flat half the time and totally off key the rest. i don’t get it.

  3. Rubenesque?  America Ferrer and Jordin Sparks are rubenesque.  This girl is ten malted milkshakes into obesity.  As for her performance… shameful, gross, and off-key.  That voice isn’t killer… but her cholesterol levels are…

  4. Good for her!  Rather than being made to feel ashamed by the “standards” set by a bunch of skinny, unnatural stickfigures, she claims her normal, natural body and takes pride in it.  (You know, kind of lick a bunch of heterosexuals were once determined that to be homosexual was unnatural and abnormal, and gays were made to feel shame about themselves, until a few brave ones began to say “no more – we are natural and normal, and we claim out orientation and take pride in it.”) 

    As for those compulsive exercisers and self-starvers who whine that she’s “unhealthy,” no one is healthy.  They never were before, are not now and never will be, no matter how many miles they run a day, lift tons of weights and deprive themselves of everything except a piece of lettuce.  Everyone’s going to get sick and die and nothing will stop that – no exercising, no starving (“dieting”). 

  5. Alright I will admit that the live cover of Vogue featured here didn’t really leave me awe struck. Then I watched another one of her videos……THIS CHICK FUCKING ROCKS IT OUT!!!! Do yourselves a favor and check out some of her other videos. You won’t be disappointed. I’m a fan now.

  6. Purely going on talent….. Not impressed at all. On any of her videos. Couldn’t listen to any the whole way through. If you have to perform in a bra and panties to take the attention away from your vocals, you may want to consider another career path.

  7. Being comfortable, happy and confident with who you are is much more important than perfection. I think she’s a fantastic role model.

  8. i love Beth…the voice and the confidence which translates to a big fuck you to all who judge. SHE ROCKS AND KILLS IT.

  9. I could not even finish looking at the entire clip and I personally think that what Beth is doing is nothing 2 be proud of  she is merely  taking advantage of fact that she has no talent  and would rather be laughed at than 2 be BOO off the stage .  Look at Jennifer Hudson ( before loosen the weight ) she  never had 2 BOUNCE around on stage in her bra & panties because her vocals was all she needed. My reply 2 all of those who would say that Beth is trying 2 make a point  is simple  U do not need 2 make a TOTAL ASS of yourself 2 get your point across !!! 

  10. i completely disagree…she does have talent with that amazing voice ( i have 2 Gossip cds).. Her live performances are so raw with her energy, vocals, body, clothing and or lack of creating a performance art experience…If Lady Gaga can wear outrageous outfits for performing her art, Beth Ditto can wear her bra and panties for her art….It’s all subjective.

  11. Damn! I had to go back to see what it really did say. Rotten voice tho, goes along with the body…

  12. Oh it’s raw alright. Makes your ears so raw they bleed. As far as the parallel drawn to lady gaga, well….. What I said about wearing things to draw attention away from your vocals goes for anyone, not just the “performer” in this video.

    I agree 100% with BLACKjackHAMMER’s post.

  13. Beth Ditto Rocks! Buy her music – music for men is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. and her first solo album – all the songs are fresh. Damn, some of you guys must be miserable to be so crewl, especially to an out lesbian who is purely authentic – authentic is a word you could never use to describe Gaga

  14. Dude, just because someone is out, lesbian, gay or something to do with the LGBT community doesn’t mean that we have to support them. I for one am not miserable…. Well….. I was miserable listening to her.

    Look, I hate it when people are cruel to one another. And if I had any inkling that she may look at this page……. Well…. I wouldn’t have said my ears were raw and bleeding. HOWEVER, sometimes people need to hear the truth. Seriously, this girl needs to learn about pitch (singing on), voice control and several other issues before trying to make a career in the music business. She can find out now, or find out the hard way when the novelty wears off and there’s nothing left to her “career” but the unsold cd’s she has sitting in her garage and an unpaid bill to the recording studio.

  15. If that’s not confidence, I don’t know what is.  

    For those of you out there doubting her ability to sing, keep in mind that Madge’s original single wasn’t autotuned (unlike the jane lynch version) and neither was beth’s.  Singing well while doing any kind of pysical movement is incredibly hard (even just walking slowly in a straight line – trust me, I was in marching band for years).  Most pop stars lip synch their live concerts (with exceptions to mika and lady gaga per what I’ve seen so far), and the fact that she didn’t also speaks to her ability.  For a point of reference, in madge’s own official music video, she was definitely lip synching (as does every star making a music video – standard procedure), so you cannot compare live performance unlip-synched to a professional studeo lipsynched performance.  True talent and ability can shine through in both settings, but even the very best may actually appear human in the lens of reality.
    Also, being able to hear any background music at all in a room with that many people is damn near impossible.  Keep in mind that the flow of sound is engineered so that the audience hears everything as it “should be”, whereas those performing on stage hear a VERY reduced version of the whole.  

  16. “A VERY reduced version of the whole.”…. Not so. Entirely not so! They are called monitors! And are aimed either at the performer from the floor or are in-ear. You hear everything the audience is hearing and most times even louder than they are hearing it.
    There is NO excuse for a bad performance. If she is to be a star and have people pay to see her, then she better damn well be on her game each and every performance. While I agree that most pop artists lip sync, I would have to tell you that is the very reason I won’t shell out my hard earned cash to go see them in concert. I can buy the cd and listen to it at home for a lot less. If you can’t give me an awesome live performance, don’t expect to see me in the crowd.

  17. Well that’s acting mature… And, no, I’m not from the south. But even if I were, what would it matter??? People from the south are most generally nice, unlike the way you just treated me.

    Just because someone disagrees with you, you have to show hate??? Dude! Grow up! We ALL have opinions that vary! If you can’t handle that, then you shouldn’t post on here. We all aren’t going to agree on everything. Quit acting like a spoiled little two year old and grow up.

  18. I’m a performer.  I’ve been doing professional theatrical and concert productions for about 13 years now.  Yeah, it’s hard to sing and dance… that’s why only those who can actually perform live.  Her breath control, pitch, and presence is sub-par.  This is amateur at best… and any credit she gets is for having choreographed dancers that are more charismatic and watchable than her.

  19. i love ditto even more than i love madonna
    i will always love her so shut up stupid bitches you dont know nothing you are clueless
    ditto rules

  20. I meant to write I want to fuck you and hope you are from the south because I did southern dudes! Please forgive the type-o. Kindly buy the gossips – music for men. And her four solo singles and let me know how you feel after that-I promise you will be in love with her and me. Xoxo

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