Unlockables: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

You receive a message from a guy on Manhunt. When you click through to check out his profile, you notice that his pics were taken in a cheap motel. The sheets are floral, tacky and may even have a few suspicious stains. You can clearly see the crappy blinds and heater in the background… Are you snobby enough to turn this guy down?

That’s the theme for today’s edition of Unlockables! Last week, we learned that the “feet all up in your face” angle isn’t universally adored, but most guys don’t care either way. While there’s a certain demographic that goes crazy for it, there’s another group (about thirty percent) who will lose interest if you use that pose. Check out the full results here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

To see additional examples with Francis and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

16 thoughts on “Unlockables: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

  1. WTF… these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with a motel/ hotel!  It looks to me like a studio set.

    Again if you come come up with a concept… then follow thru with the visuals… don’t be lazy!    

    The guy however is hot!

  2. when so many guys have pics of other guys and claim to the them.. or a pic thats years old and no longer looks anything like them.

    yeah i dont care where it was taken. as long as its up to date and really is them im happy 😀

  3. As Wanda use to say on ‘In Living Color’, I would rock his world. I shave my pubic hair too. I like sucking cock from a no pubes cock like this. Who has this guy’s cell number? I want it! LOL

  4. my boyfriend and i get hotel rooms all the time – we love to fuck outdoors, but it’s nice to go at it for a few hours, finish, and then just pass out.

  5. im thinking the poll depends because a business man who just happened to be in a room would only have one or two but someone with ALL the pics that way is probably a dirty whore

  6. Really? Take the stick out of your ass… better yet, let him stick his up there. You’re high strung.

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