Everything Butt: Roman Wright

If big hairy booty is your cause in life, then it’s time to #OccupyRoman. Roman Wright

is one of our favorites. He straddles the line between muscle bud and bear but one thing stays the same – his big round ass. Who else wants to go exploring in that cavern of crack?

Check out these stills from Butch Dixon. It’s a side of Roman that we don’t showcase nearly enough.

Photo credit: Butch Dixon

– J. Harvey

For pics of Roman’s butt, Follow the JUMP:

935 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Roman Wright

  1. is mr. wright giving this ass of his up?

    his globes look like perfect fits for my hands.


    his ass looks just the “wright size.”

    (hurr hurr hurr)

    i look forward to seeing more of this handsome guy, j. harv!

  2. Just in
    time, just had my diner and man, I could have this man for my dessert
    for the rest of this month and for next month! What a delicious
    combination of BODY, BUTT, AND COCK! Can have some more, PLEASE?

  3. amazing body – i am drooling!! I would love to have seen a rear shot of him in tha track outfit – it would also show off that amazing ass et!

  4. WOW I can eat that ass real deep mmmm it will be crisp and clean by the time im done with it thats for sure!!!!!!! Very nice!!!!!

  5. Beautiful man….but as usual, terrible and  insulting and just plain stupid blogging by whomever writes this blog.  Dude, just list the name, rank and serial number and stop trying to be witty. 

  6. the first  picture  got my  appetite up and the remaining pictures  just let me know this man  is the perfect dessert!!!!!!!!  damn   i   would love  to  eat  his full menu!!!!

  7. yes sir, this got my cock rock hard, and my tongue ready for a work out… love black guys with a hairy ass

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