The Locker Room: Julian Edelman

This one’s a little late but I didn’t resurrect “The Locker Room” until last week, so cut me some slack. Here in Boston, all of my gay friends have a favorite New England Patriot. Any of you who guessed “Tom Brady,” are so very, very wrong. Julian Edelman makes all the jockstraps drop. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had friends who were bending over in the crowd, in the snowy January weather during their Superbowl victory parade. Julian Edelman was riding on a duck boat, and just in case he fell into the crowd with a boner…

Check out some more pics of Julian below. Edelman is heavy into HIGH FASHUN, and sometimes has charity pop-up shops that sell his wares. Whenever I see “pop-up shop” in conjunction with Julian Edelman, it makes me think of bouncing boners.

Michael Xavier

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