Say It Ain’t So! No More Kyle & Fish…


You won't be able to see gay soap opera couple Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish together anymore. Nope, we're pretty sure they're not breaking up, but reports are saying that these adorable boys will be written off the show. “We are concluding the story that we set out to tell with Kyle and Fish," says show-runner Frank Valentini. "We are very proud to have broken new ground with a same sex couple on daytime.”

Supposedly, the producers are blaming ratings dips for One Life To Live on taking the couple's love too far. When actors Brett Claywell and Scott Evans first locked lips, the buzz helped the show draw in some new viewers. But when they had a big ol' gay wedding? They claim that had a handful of middle-aged housewives flipping to the next channel.

In a perfect world, the show would take a stand and risk losing a few viewers, but we understand that business is business. The love between "Kish" broke down many of the genre's barriers, and we're thankful that they were allowed to exist in the first place. 

– Dewitt

4 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So! No More Kyle & Fish…

  1. the producers are stupid – kyle and fish were draining the ratings not because they were a gay couple but because they were too happy, soap opera couples are not supposed to be “happily ever after”.
    if chloe and philip in days – had just lived together forever for five years on the show, completely happy without anyone trying to break them up – they would also have been a ratings drain.
    they needed to cast a gay slut, who would break kyle and fish’s little happy home up.
    a married “straight” guy steals fish or kyle away, and his wife catches him in bed with fish – that would be a ratings draw.

  2. they could get the ratings up again by casting a gay porn star as the married man who comes to steal fish or kyle.
    maybe malachi is interested lol. i wouldn’t put it past him sounds like the type of role he could do well.

  3. I like Luke and Noah from As the World Turns more than this couple. I’m glad ATWT decided to keep them together.

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