Raw Dogs: Damon Heart Hosts Sergeant Miles On “Breeding Prince Charming”

They’re a little late but it’s still kinda funny. Here’s Lucas Entertainment goofing on that godawful Finding Prince Charming show that Logo foisted on us some months back. You know, the one where the ex-escort, I mean entrepreneur made like The Bachelor and had to find love amidst a houseful of men seemingly cursed with borderline personality disorder?

They even made fun of “Prince Charming’s” dirty vid where he drank cum out of a used condom!

Heh. Anyway, Damon Heart is the “host” of Breeding Prince Charming, and he puts his career in jeopardy when he falls in lust with contestant Sergeant Miles. All hell breaks loose! Actually, all cum breaks looks in this bareback buttfuck fiesta! You can see more here.

Michael Xavier

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