Dato Foland And Frank Valencia Put Down Their Champagne Glasses To Flip-Fuck

Men At Play never disappoints. You’re going to get fire-hot men in suits fucking. Something about a guy in a suit bent over, shirt and jacket lifted so he’s bareass, and getting that butt eaten…*delicious shiver*. I could watch Dato Foland get that crack butt eaten for hours, and the porn move of reaching back to stuff the guy’s face further up his ass is so horny. Frank Valencia and Dato each take a turn drilling their co-worker, flipping each other over from top to bottom and it’s so very hot. My only problem is that champagne. That’s not champagne. If that IS champagne, I hope they kept the receipt. Gross. There’s more (there’s always more!) here if you click.

Michael Xavier

Press ▷ to watch the teaser and a preview below.

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