Raw Dogs And Huge Cocks: Damon Heart Gets Double-Dicked! (Take Our DP Survey!)

Damon Heart’s poor butthole GOES THROUGH IT in the latest scene from Lucas Entertainment. His butthole might have to retire early after hosting Jon Bae and Sean Xavier SIMULTANEOUSLY. (And these are some big dicks, particularly Sean’s. My own butthole is puckering right now in […]

Damien Crosse, James Castle, Devin Franco, Damon Heart, and Drae Axtell Take Five

Look, I fit them all in! (I wish I could fit them all in somewhere else…) Lucas Entertainment’s latest five-way orgy stars James Castle, Orgy pro Devin Franco, Damon Heart, and Drae Axtell. The press release, however, makes special mention of Mr. Damien Crosse. Apparently, […]