Quickie: Ryan Bertroche

Ryan Bertroche has been getting a lot of attention for his appearance in Mariano Vivanco‘s new book Uomini, and it’s not exactly difficult to figure out why. Along with the glorious booty shot above, another image of the pretty-faced model has been making the rounds, featuring him sprawled out on a couch in a pair of Dolce & Gabbana undies.

Basically, this is the stuff that (wet) dreams are made of! We’ve had our eyes on this guy’s pouty lips and furry armpits for quite some time now, so it’s a pleasure to finally view him in such “intimate” poses. Next up? An homage to Tom Ford‘s famous butthole ad, starring Bertroche’s spread ass cheeks… What? A boy can always dream, right?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Mariano Vivanco

To check out more pictures of Ryan Bertroche, follow the JUMP:

1,965 thoughts on “Quickie: Ryan Bertroche

  1. Thems some bushy pits! He’s a very handsome lad, glad they haven’t plucked him yet.. kinda kid you peeve on playing shirtless basketball next door… love to see the hole ad… better yet, love to munch the hole… thanks, keep an eye on this kid.

  2. He reminds me a bit of Taylor Lautner! Yummy. Also, love the black & white photograph and how it shows the lightest little bit of fuzz *drool*

  3. mm his thighs in the 2nd pics are sooo SEXY…..id love to be between then heheh

    but dam he really is amazing….great face and everything else

  4. He’s good looking, but bit too boyish for my liking. Give him 10 years and I’m sure he’ll be drop dead sexy

  5. He’s nice to look at, reminds me of Marlon Brando in his younger years. Really like the first photo and the one in the army cap, he’s got a great ass!!! But I’m passive so I’d love to be between his fabulous thighs all day!!!!! Coming up for air occasionally……

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