Everything Butt: Ben Stone

There’s good news and bad news regarding Ben Stone. Let’s start with the good news! Judging from his on-camera presence, he legitimately seems to enjoy taking dicks up that delicious, muscular butt. As for the bad news? He’s a newcomer to the porn industry, so there aren’t nearly enough pictures or videos of him doing so.

Ben first appeared alongside Leo Alarcon in Titan Men‘s Mojave Run, and now he’s getting pounded vigorously by Colby Keller in Hard Friction‘s new flick Late Night Hit. Hopefully, he’ll continue this trend of bending over and taking it like a man, because we seriously can’t get enough!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hard Friction / NakedSword

To check out Ben Stone getting plowed, follow the JUMP:

He also happens to be a great cocksucker…

In case you need more proof.

Look! He’s getting fucked again!

Last but not least, the obligatory shots of the front…

33 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Ben Stone

  1. Wow. Anymore pics of Mr Stone would be appreciated. Those frontals get me hard as “rock”. get it?? hehe.

  2. Ok guys. How long will it be before some moron whines that he is not that hot??

    Oh it will happen and we will all know this person has to be a lesbian! LOL

  3. Damn, what an ass! I’d eat there anytime he wanted me to! The real man that turned me on is the topman! I would love to bottom for that big cock and those heavy swinging balls anyday!

  4. That’s a USDA-certified prime piece of ass right there, gentlemen.

    The clip was totally hot too. Love around the 1:40 mark when Keller slams Stone’s ass rapid-fire style. If you look, you can see Stone’s penis flopping around as he’s getting pounded. I’m not really sure what happens after that, though, because my eyes rolled back in my head as Little TommyTrojan gave his seal of approval.

  5. Good Lord, that is one impressive rear end…The front is pretty damn impressive as well…Love a hott and sexxxy beefy man.

  6. OMG! I don’t believe it! Colby Keller actually got a haircut and a shave! Thank you, Mr. Director, for insisting on a clean-cut look.

  7. Hey this is Ben Stone if you want to see more pics go to my dudesnude account, name search lamusclebt, thanks for all the grt comments gentleman. For the record I had the most fun on this shoot with Colby Keller, there are two more films on the way from Ray Dragon video as well. Love to have my ass played with tongue,cock,toys. Thanks BEN STONE

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