Random Question: Is Sex Better For Bottoms?

There’s a huge difference between merely having an orgasm and shooting a load with a dick up your butt. If you’ve never bottomed (or at least been fingered whilst cumming), then you can’t possibly understand this. Sure, you can acknowledge that it’s true. But only someone who’s received a comfortable dose of prostate stimulation can fully grasp the concept.

When your love button’s getting rubbed against, reaching climax is exponentially more intense. You can feel the contractions of your muscles, as each stream of jizz bursts out of your dick. I mean, why else would we have anal sex if it didn’t feel fucking awesome?

And yet this leads to a whole other question. If it’s agreed upon that most bottoms have more powerful orgasms, does this necessarily mean that sex is “better” for them? Or are there other factors to consider in this matter, such as preparation and occasional discomfort? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section…

– Dewitt

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26 thoughts on “Random Question: Is Sex Better For Bottoms?

  1. I think it entirely depends on the person and their personality or current mood. I’m versatile. With some guys, I have way more fun bottoming and others I prefer pounding their ass. 🙂

  2. Those guys are HOT !

    Now, what were we talking about? Oh yeah,

    Sex is easier for Bottoms cause (1) they can keep going after they cum (although most of the time they whimp out after cumming), (2) they usually only have to get into position and stay there (unless they’re on top, and that doesn’t usually last very long, lol) (3) Arching your back, spreading &/or holding-up your legs (which Tops usually end up doing for them) is easier than what Tops have to do (Hundreds of Push-ups and deep-thrusts/pumping 😉 And, (4) they can fake an orgasm more easily, LOL

    So, I’m looking for a Bottom that holds his own legs up and likes to keep going after he cums so, I can cum, too !

    P.S. Is that too much to ask for! LOL

  3. I completely disagree. If all there was to sex was an orgasm, no one would leave the house. There is much more to it than that 20 seconds of pleasure.

    If you meant to only refer to the actual orgasm, I still disagree because that is not true for me or for some of my friends who prefer to top (not all or many but some). Getting fucked is a completely different type of orgasm for me. It feels great but it is definitely not more intense and I place it a distant 3rd behind topping and jacking off.

    Topping, like bottoming, is a skill one but it is one I would contend is more difficult to perform since most of the time you are trying to please two people not one.

  4. Yep, versatile too, so I get the best of both worlds. I love the idea of hooking up with a random I’ve just picked up not knowing which position I’m going to end up in later

  5. P.S.S. I pride myself at being able to make my partner cum while I’m fucking him. Rimming & pacing/edging myself are essential ! (It’s a talent some apparently don’t have;-)~

    P.S.S.S. AND, condoms aren’t as much a feeling buster for Bottoms as they are for Tops 😉 I’m just sayin(?)

  6. As a vers guy I have been on both sides, and can say for me each position brings about totally different pleasures and sensations. Being a top requires me to stimulate and pleasure my partner, as a bottom I get to “relax” and take in the pleasure. But in both cases for me sex is after a long session of servicing and pleasing the guy I am with.

  7. I agree with Jay. Getting fucked is amazing but when I top someone and get him to play with my nipples as I am thrusting then I go insane. Sigh! Anyone want to come over?

  8. A lot depends on the guy
    Im versatile can usually make bottoms climax without any other stimulation.
    Have met only a few guys wo can do the same for me.

  9. Is being a bottom better? well that all depends on what you like. Being a bottom is not easy. A top can, at least have a nice dinner. Where as a bottom needs to plan everything out. If I am going to bottom, I have a ritual that I do. This ritual is not for me, but its for the top. First and fourth-most, his pleasure is more important, to me, then my own. I start with NEVER eating or drinking anything that is going to make me smell down there (i.e asparagus, garlic etc…) I make sure to eat a light dinner the day before and a small breakfast the day of. I begin cleaning and make sure that there will be NO mishaps.

    During sex, I make sure that the top does the least amount of work during foreplay (gotta conserve that energy), I lick his balls, suck his dick, do everything from column A and from column B. I get up and get the lube, condoms, poppers. He is never to leave the bed.

    While I am getting fucked, I am doing just as much work as he is. I hold me own legs and thrust when he thrusts. If its from behind, I meet him in the middle with every thrust. I make sure that he knows I want it. The harder he goes, the more I push up to it all the while flexing my sphincter for maximum pleasure. You can’t just lay there like lettuce, you need to move and show him he is making you feel good. When we are done, I lick his dick clean and get him water.

    I treat my top men like you can’t imagine. I get more pleasure off servicing them and watching them get off than I do actually getting off.

  10. As a former bottom boy turned top (for the sake of love) I have to say it is much easier and enjoyable being a top. First off, cleanliness is a bottom’s biggest concern and it can be a real downer when you and your partner are ready to make it happen only to realize it is not a green light go in the colon department. Secondly, I don’t care if I’m holding up my legs or if the guy I’m with has them on his shoulders – eventually they’re going to fall asleep and that’s more of a boner deflator than anything. Finally, a top can fuck a bottom without worrying about his speed or ferocity, but if a bottom has an overly rough session or is paired with an inexperienced top, his whole week can be ruined. Case in point, I once dated a guy who was so terrible at topping that I would be out of commission down there for three or four days after sex. Needless to say, that relationship ended quickly. And in response to the comment up there about bottoms not being affected by the dulled sensations caused by condom use, how about the friction burns in your asshole because the lube wore off and the condom got dry?

  11. I’m bottom, and i don’t really know how a top feels. But let me tell you, to come with a cock into feels really awesome!
    I agree with b-reach, i think it depends on both person.

  12. yeah, bottoming is WAY better. generally, bottoms get the pleasure of being rimmed before getting f*cked. That alone is worth it! The sensation of the nerve endings and the prostrate getting pounded is simply an out of this world experience.

    Oh, and if you are BB, its even better having boy juice inside of you. Safe or unsafe, bottoming is the best!

    Topping is ok, but only if you are BB, thats a great feeling injecting your boy juice inside your partner, but not always will guys want to BB….so thats where the disadvantage is.

  13. having only bottomed , or attempted to bottom, once for my husband and still refer to it as the st patricks day massacre, topping is way way way way easier. i wish i could bottom, i can’t. no amount of pills and alcohol can help (read above, note holiday). Topping may be more physically demanding at times, but since I only fuck power bottoms, i’d say it’s equally as demanding…unless ur multi tasking and texting.

  14. I too have attempted to bottom, rather disastrously, only once. But I wish I could since I do believe that bottoms and blondes have more fun. Proof? I have never, in all my life as a top (yes, I’m as much of a slut as the next guy), had my eyes roll back as I’ve seen many of my bottoms do… I can’t be that good, I say it’s the bottoming in and of itself…

  15. I am a top who prides himself on making the very most of his btm. After a 4 hr session with my fav boy, I have huge yelling orgasms that reduce me to a quivvering, jelly bodied fool..
    It’s my experience that too may men have no idea that an orgasm, not just shooting cum, is available..

  16. There’s nothing better than having a huge cock, with a big head, pounding hard into your arse! Especially when the man is pinching your nipples!!! I love being a power-bottom!

  17. id like to bottom more but ive had too many bad tops that i just rather would top this way i dont get any issues down there as well but douching feels fucking good just need a proper top i guess than id probably be more versatile 🙂

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