Quickie: Roberto Barajas Maya

When I first laid my eyes on Roberto Barajas Maya, the word “godlike” immediately came to mind. His torso looks sculpted in the literal sense, as if it were imported from the Greek and Roman wing of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Can you even get a body like that by going to the gym?

I’ve never been into the whole muscle worship scene, but there’s always an exception to every rule! Without any hesitation, I’d drop to my knees and explore every inch of this man’s body. He wouldn’t even need to reciprocate or acknowledge my existence, because my hands and tongue would be way too busy to notice…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Gregory Prescott

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218 thoughts on “Quickie: Roberto Barajas Maya

  1. Nearly perfect, indeed.
    Still, very disappointing that his torso is that smooth, specially compared to his hairy face and legs :-/

  2. Seriously, what’s up with the lack of comments on this guy?! He is breathtakingly beautiful.

    His nipples alone deserve their own topic/thread.

  3. This guy is hot. I don’t think that I’m even worthy to stand before him, I must be down in my knees servicing his cock..

  4. VEERY nice. I like the streamlined slender line of this man’s body. I think is much more impactful than a bulked out beefer. Nice and love the sans-hirsute look.

  5. …wow, I’m stunned. I agree I can’t believe they’re not more comments on this piece of heaven. godlike is the perfect word!

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