Manhunt Invades The Folsom Street Fair

The Manhunt team traveled to San Francisco for the “grand daddy of leather events”, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! If you missed out on the 2010 Folsom Street Fair, you can live vicariously through these selected shots from our library.

After setting up our sling and prize wheel, porn stars Trent Locke and Trevor Knight joined in on the fun. One of them was spotted with his ankles in the air, while the other was seen whipping his cock out at every imaginable opportunity. Can you guess which guy falls into each category? This isn’t a trick question…

– Dewitt

To check out more pictures from the event, follow the JUMP:

43 thoughts on “Manhunt Invades The Folsom Street Fair

  1. nnnyomg….Is that Angelo Garcia in the 16th pic after the jump? If i had known he would be there my ticket wouldve been booked months ago!

  2. It’s situations like this that make it so we aren’t taken seriously. People doing this just took us a huge leap back in our fight. Put some fucking clothes on and fight for rights. Don’t run around town with your junk out and expect respect. This is embarrassing. I’m ashamed to be gay after this post. However I have quite the hard-on.

  3. Why in the hell to you self loathing gay men continue to think we must conform to be accepted? I am sick of asswipes like you. I am ashamed that you are gay too. Now get some therapy and try to become straight so you can fit into their acceptable lifestyle. Fucking loser that you are!

    Yes I am pissed and I am sick of the closeted losers on this website. Every time something like Folsum comes up losers like you profess to be ashamed you are gay. I pity your sad miserable existence. Dumbass loser!

  4. Yeah thats what I wanna do… go to a fair where guys walk around with their junk out, watch old men withtheir saggy titties do that thing they always do where they try to act all dominating over younger guys (gag), and pop pills to get hard ons because they can’t remember what hot is. Last I heard, it was illegal to show your shit off in public, no? i wonder what would happen to that retard if he pulled his cock out at Paramus Mall?

  5. A gas mask???? Really? For what???? Someone needs to explain this shit to me. Are these just halloween costumes of the 70’s?

  6. Now that my rage has subsided (and yes I was furious) I am beginning to rethink my comments. I am beginning to think that this board is being punked by the religious right trying to pass themselves off as gay to stir us up. What do you guys think? Some of these comments are so extreme that I doubt that they could be written by gay men.

  7. Why does that main dude that’s in the sling have that same “OMG Am I being punked?” look on his face in every pic?

  8. I agree cody, this type of shit doesn’t help our case one bit. This is the reason a lot of people cant stand us, bc they think we all do this type of shit. Which is tasteless and tacky to say the least.

  9. A wonderful time was had by all. Why are so many guys afraid to show their junk/cocks. We all have them and some should be admired and some just??well looked at. So many young guys are so afraid of their bodies because of adverse comments about being gay and free that they live a sad life posing as straight men. Be gay and free and for fuck sake have fun guys.

  10. I’m out and proud, and I did enjoy looking at the hot guys in some of those pics. I don’t agree, however, that because someone thinks this kind of events don’t help the advancement of gay rights then it necessarily follows that said person must be a self-hating gay or a religious rightwing nut.

    Let’s face it, in every civil rights struggle there has been an attempt by the opposition to paint those who are calling for respect and equality of rights as “the other”, as alien, as too different to be understood and too far from the mainstream to be taken seriously or, worse, they have demonized that group as a threat to society.

    Anything that feeds the perception of “alien” makes full acceptance and equality of rights harder to sell. It’s no coincidence that the first female governors, cabinet members or Speaker of the House weren’t bra burners; it’s no coincidence that the first black leader of the country doesn’t speak like an angry black liberation reverend giving a sermon; and our future gay leaders will definitely not come from the Folsom Street Fair.

    There’s nothing wrong with “conforming to the norm” if that simply means rejecting an unfortunate stereotype of “gay lifestyle”. There’s no self-hatred involved in wanting to get married and get full rights so you can get your partner a green card or file taxes together. We all should be more tolerant of everybody –including of those who don’t feel the need to loudly and visibly act out their sexual orientation. There are more of us than you think.

  11. No wonder why there is so much disapproval of the gay lifestyle, this is what people automatically relates when they hear the word “gay”.
    We need to find ways to become a better community that shows that being gay is not party, drugs, sex, and sex, and sex.
    We need to show that we can be responsible members of our communities, that we mature persons that can have mature love relationships, and why not even role models and parents too.

  12. ToddM, you showd me (I mean showed, ugh!)

    You have dominated this board so long that it is very apparent that you are not a proud gay man. Pity. I’m not even convinced you are gay. You are entitled to your opinion and I am mine. You will attack this because you have proven in the past that that is your style. Go for it and prove me right.

  13. Parading around in leather and with our dicks out is NOT how we’re going to gain the rights we deserve. The organizers of these events should be fired.

  14. The organizers can be fired Kyle, but sadly, this is OUR culture, our slutty, sexually promiscuous, std ridden, relationship adverse culture. It’ll just go on somewhere else. I kinda see now how everything gets repealed or shot down now.

  15. The straights have their fetish events. Dore Alley, also in San Fran, is said to be much more licentious but is for straights and, well, anybody I guess.

    To conclude from this singular post that these images are exemplary of the depravity and civil rights unworthiness of the whole of gay culture is to be tragically victimized by a deeply and fundamentally flawed logic.

    Fetishes are fun … and optional.

  16. I want to say one more thing. And I say this kindly. I am a disabled gay man who lives in a very small community where there is no gay community. I can’t afford to travel to other communities to be around guys like me. So, yes I come here a lot and post. This is the only community I have to feel connected. I’m sorry if you feel I dominate the board, but I was only trying to have a conversation with “like-minded” people. I sincerely apologize for offending you.

  17. This is going to sound harsh. I am not a harsh person but I cannot condone nor accept your contempt for the gay community when your only apparent source of information is the internet. You are not able to get an accurate assessment of the gay community unless you live the experience. And perhaps this explains so many of the vile comments from so many people on this blog. Perhaps they have a similar life experience as you. My advice to you is not to be too quick to judge your gay brothers and sisters based on your lack of experience. One of the glories of being gay is our ability to accept our differences. I am not tolerant of your comments when you attack a segment of the community that you know nothing about. I will defend the gay community and it’s diversity but not a single gay man attacking us as a group. We have too many conservative detractors doing this already without turning on ourselves. Just my opinion and I will stand by it.

    We need to stand up for each other and quit worrying about what the conservative right thinks. Living by their standard makes us no better than them. As I have already asked, why do you want to be like the very people that dislike us and want to marginalize us. Perhaps we all need to give a little but we will never win against a group that preaches that the Bible abhors gay people. So changing our behavior will never change their contempt for us. So why conform?

    Sorry for the rambling. I doubt that this will have any impact on the conservative gay men on this blog.

    I am sorry about your disability but ask that you learn to love yourself before you judge others who march to the beat of a different drummer.

  18. I love myself. I don’t come on here and spew hate like you just did. I’m conservative and proud of it. And I love myself for it! I will NOT apologize for it! I refuse to be a cookie cutter gay man. I will think for myself. And I will NOT feel bad about it.

    You are only saying what you have heard. MOST of the conservatives do NOT hate us! You are only spouting what you have heard. There is more kindness AND open mindedness from the conservatives than there EVER will be from the so called left. That is a fact!

    I haven’t judged ONE TIME in this post. But you sure as heck have judged me!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t belong. And that is fine by me! But I refuse to let you drive me away from a site that I enjoy, in spite of guys like you.

  19. I think it’s funny how gay and proud wants everyone to reject conformity by conforming to his idea of what gay culture and acceptance is. I can stand by my gay “brothers and sisters” while not condoning everything they do. If my sister makes what I consider a bad choice the most loving thing I can do is try to point out what I feel is the error of her ways and try to steer her to a better course. This all or nothing aproach G&P has to logic, love and acceptance is exactly what social conservatives use to exclude, demonize and alienate gay people. Loving ones self and community doesn’t mean your going to agree on everything. Dissagreement and solidarity aren’t mutually exclusive.
    The funniest thing of all is that this is “manhunt daily” if ppl take such issue with postings like this they prob shouldn’t be visiting a blog that centers around sex… but what do I know, I’m getting involved in this ridiculousness too : )

  20. With all respect,(please don’t flame me) the problem isn’t what we do but rather the philosophy with is intertwined with the fundamental core principles of the gay sub-culture. We have been taught (through media, movies, etc) that to be gay one must attain and embrace careless sex, drugs, living a irresponsible-no-shame-lifestyle, and the list goes on and on. What we believe (collectively) is marriage, decency and sanity is too hetero for us, we don’t have time for it and we would rather be switching sex partners as we change our clothes everyday. No-shame lifestyle is what we have been told to hold.

    And if we look on the numbers, we are still infecting ourselves with std every single day, we have no respect and we are way too far to get our rights. The problem isn’t the mainstream society but rather ourselves. Unless we change our perception we are not going any further. Maybe the law of natural selection will take its course and wipe our genes completely since we all gonna die of std complications anyway. Maybe Darwin and Gregor Mendel were right.

    After all we are forced to conform to the perceived STUPID gay subculture which includes irresponsible sex, drug and std. Our loss provides a significant social, political and economic benefits to others.

  21. This comment is for Assigarfar. If you are so religious WHY IN THE HELL are you visiting this porn site or any other porn sight. I think you just broke two commandments…thall shall not judge and thou shall not covet thy neighbor….save me a seat in hell because I just broke the same two commandments. I judged you and I definitely have coveted my neighbor.

  22. Gay and proud, you need to STFU and stop dominating this thread. You do exactly what you accused ToddM of doing. WTF is that?! You post 3 rants – okay 2 rants and an irrelevant comment (make that 3 irrelevants) before ToddM posted 1 item … spelling correction doesn’t count as separate post. I don’t make this shit up – seriously. The MHD guidebook tells clearly how to count posts.

    You then set your vileness to simply attack ToddM … what exactly has he done to you? Behavior like yours diminishes every gay person. How can you possibly argue for “equality” when you cannot treat someone with dignity and respect? Once the gay community learns to give dignity and respect (read Alex’s post), then and only then will they receive it. It always works that way, you must give to get.

    This tells me you are a very bitter angry person that has no self-respect, thus no one respects you.

  23. Trevor Knight – originally from MA just has to have his dick in everything. Trust me, this guy is as boring as white cream cheese on rye toast. Big dicks are a dime a dozen and his bod and face do nothing for me.

    As far as folsom, the fair is what it is for the fetish community. Take it or leave it.

  24. yes, I think the “public” down there knows what is going on there and if they don’t want to be exposed to it they simply don’t go. IF I were in SF I would go, you’d probably see me in some of those pics. I usually am pretty low key but do like to see how others live,even if it’s not for me. As for calling my cock and balls and my hairy little muscle butt junk, no it ain’t junk, no complaints yet. When somebody finds a perfect world where we can all get along please let me know where it is. 🙂

  25. This looks like one of those emails you get from your friends that are always titled something like “And yes–they can breed too” or “And you think YOU’RE ugly” that shows pictures all kinds of Walmart and style challenged freakshows.

  26. I’m gay, but I’m a fairly heteronormative, conservative (not politically, obviously) sort of bloke. I’m more uptight about sex than my straight friends. I’m the sort of exemplary gay, the one you point to and say ‘Look! We’re normal!’

    But I fully support the Folsom Street Fair. It’s a safe environment, and it’s good fun. Just cause I don’t necessarily want to prance around wearing nothing but a cock ring, doesn’t mean I’m going to condemn the people that do.

    Gay liberation is about us feeling free to express who we are, it’s not about us pretending we’re something we’re not, and it’s not about hiding the whole pesky gross ‘man secks’ thing from the ‘normals’. That’s regressive, not progressive.

  27. What’s wrong with gay men showing their cocks in public? Straight people have sex on Bourbon Street in New Orleans (at least up until the last time I was down there which admittedly has been a few years now)

  28. Oh, and straight couples have sex in airplane bathrooms and clothing store fitting rooms too

  29. I wasn’t arguing that. My point was that they are in position to criticize gay people for doing it, and make it sound like we’re the only people doing it.

  30. Understood. I think both sides are wrong. Call me uptight and anything else you want. Clothes were invented for a reason……. To be taken off in the bedroom!!!! LOL

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