Forget Desserts, We Want to Eat Yigit


Has anyone been watching Top Chef: Just Desserts? Well, if you’re not a fan of cooking shows, then maybe you’ll tune in for hottie Yigit Pura. In the most recent episode, Yigit (he’s gay btw) was kind enough to show off his lean muscular torso and almost had me jizzing in my pants. Who knew he had such a hot body!? I’m thinking Bravo should have Yigit shirtless in all the episodes to help boost ratings. I’m just sayin’…

– Andy

To see the shirtless pics of Yigit, follow the JUMP:

Yigit Pura

Yigit Pura

14 thoughts on “Forget Desserts, We Want to Eat Yigit

  1. YES! Actually gotmeinto this show now 😛 Ill take him with strawberries…dot worry we will make our own cream [flithy mindedness] 😉

    Ayone else knw what he willgo well with?

  2. If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat ass just kill your self dammit the world will be a better place. lol. no offense to straight men.

  3. He is incredibly hot & yummy! I love how he put that whiny little “I want my mommy” bitch in his place in the last episode.

  4. Never really notice Yigit that much, to be honest. I think Zac has a cute face, and Seth has a pretty banging bod. For some reason Yigit never registered for me.

  5. i noticed yigit on the first episode. he’s a little twinky looking for my taste, but still yummy looking

  6. Yeah Hes been a regular in my wet dreams since episode one. There’s actually a shot of him in his undies in one of the most recent episodes

  7. Has anyone noticed how much Yigit, kinda looks like Pierre Fitch from Fleshjack boys! Both of them are extremely hot and I’m seriously considering ordering Pierre’s Fleshjack so i can think about Yigit working my shaft over.

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