Quickie: Dane DeHaan

What do you do with a problem like Dane DeHaan? (Who’s 27, by the way. Don’t be fooled by the urchin dying of consumption in Victorian London looks.) The problem would be, “Do I want to fuck him or just make him some soup?” Dane’s a rising star who has a make-out scene with Harry Potter in the upcoming Kill Your Darlings.

The married (to a woman) actor has also played gay on HBO’s In Treatment and starred as the truly creepy super-powers mad teen in Chronicle. But does his pale Prada model visage and taste for extreme haircuts do it for you in the pants area? Let us know in the comments!

– J. Harvey

Check out more shots of Dane DeHaan below:

Dane DeHaan





Dane-DeHaan (1)

Guess Portrait Studio - Day 3 - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival





dane dehaan

Dane DeHaan hd Wallpapers 2013_1




dane_dehaan (1)




7 thoughts on “Quickie: Dane DeHaan

  1. I think you meant HBO’s In Treatement rather than In Therapy. He’s a cute little guy. Will look forward to the make out scene with Radcliffe.

  2. Also he’s going to be Harry Osbourne in the next Spider-Man opposite Andrew Garfield. No where near as hot as the previous Harry Osbourne, James Franco. Still there is something oddly cute about Dane. He’s not on top of my list, but he’s cute.

  3. Therapy. Treatment. It’s all the same! You and some well-meaning dude talk for five minutes and then fuck on his IKEA couch next to a fern.

    That’s everyone else’s experience with therapy, right?

  4. hes not my type at all, but hes too cool to not love. we would make love and then talk about it lol. he was amazing in “the place beyond the pines”. oh and anything involving harry potter gets me going

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