Hot Rugger: Dominic Waldouck

I promise. I won’t put you through the terror of having to choose between three of our “Hot Ruggers” next week like I did to you yesterday. That was some evil, huh?

You can have UK rugby player Dom Waldouck all to your lonesome. For right now. I’m flying to London in the new year with a stun gun, a straight jacket and a ball gag. After I drop those off to my British aunt (bitch is kinky), I’m taking in a London Wasps game so I can see Dom up close and personal.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Dom, Follow the JUMP:

481 thoughts on “Hot Rugger: Dominic Waldouck

  1. A lot of American football players are this handsome, but it’s tough to see them under all that body armor they wear. Until they decide to go al-fresco, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with these beyond-gorgeous rugby players … it’s a tough job.

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