Jack Vidra, Johnny V, And Dakota Rivers Make The Gay Bar Super Gay

By that I mean, they make it so there are three hot dudes fucking in the bar. That’s wicked gay! Hot House’s continuing series “One Night At The Ready” has been one of my favorites of Summer 2017 and this, what I think might be the capper, is my favorite scene! Jack Vidra’s bartending when […]

Nate Stetson And His Pornstache Ride Johnny V Down “Route 69”

Ok, isn’t the pornstache on Nate Stetson just precious? Falcon Studios just released the first teaser for the upcoming Route 69. Basically, it’s a lot of sexy dudes fucking in a garage. In the first scene, Manhunt Daily favorite Johnny V gets his ass stuffed on top of car. We love when Johnny V gets […]

Johnny V Might Have Another Favorite Scene

We were recently graced with the the body to end all other bodies, Johnny V. He guest-posted about his five favorite scenes and it was delightful. Some of those scenes I had never seen, and I’m always into new porn starring one my favorites. And now, he might have a scene to add to that […]

My Five Favorite Scenes: Johnny V

Johnny V is the blonde hardbody of our dreams. His fuckwork in recent scenes with American Muscle Hunks, Hot House and Falcon Studios have gotten us SO BONED. And not I’m not saying this because we’ve had a physical relationship (he hugged me once)! We asked Johnny to choose his favorite scenes from his pornography, […]

American Muscle Hunks: Johnny V Makes Me Jealous Of Gabriel Alonzo

I experienced a very clear moment of envy when I watch Johnny V fingering Gabriel Alonzo’s ass. In fact, when Gabe started to back it up on said finger, I emulated him in my seat here at work. I DO THAT, TOO! A finger-fucking is even better when you meet in the center! Gabriel also […]

American Muscle Hunks: Johnny V And Big Joey D Are Fire

These two! I believe I read somewhere that they were a for-real couple at one point? You can tell! American Muscle Hunks’ Johnny V (he of the blonde flattop and my undying lust) and Big Joey D (he of the beefy buttcheeks and fuck-thrust from heaven) connection is PALPABLE. And they’ve both got that masculine […]

Hot House: Woody Fox Tames Johnny V’s Ass In The Bathhouse

Woody Fox looks like a straight lady’s wet dream. He’s masculine, he’s got those long luscious locks chicks dig, and BODY. What a slap in the face to the ladies when they find out that Woody would rather plant his porn caveman cock in the EXTREMELY muscular ass belonging to “The Blonde Flattop” – Johnny […]

Any Johnny V Scene Is A Good Johnny V Scene

Ever since Johnny V and I fell in love at Hustlaball, I’ve been eagerly awaiting every scene that my bae shoots. Some might ask “Michael, don’t you get jealous that your hot boyfriend with the the muscles and the blonde flattop is fucking other guys on film?” My response is no, of course not! We’re […]

Beefy Fuckers: Micah Brandt And Johnny V

Johnny V is having a helluva week. (I realize he probably didn’t film the two scenes of his I’m highlighting this week during the same time period but work with me). Just the other day, “The Blonde Flattop” was tapping Michael DelRay’s (Del Ray?) ass. Today, he’s got the sex monster known as Micah Brandt […]