Hot House: Can You Cum Without Using Your Hands?

Ooooo, we love a survey! (And tell us the full story in the comments section if your answer was “yes!”)   In the latest scene from Hot House’s “TKO Total Knockouts,” porn superstar Trenton Ducati fucks dearly departed hotness Alexander Gustavo so hard that he cums hands-free. Now THAT’s getting fucked. If he’s hitting it […]

Hot House: Woody Fox Tames Johnny V’s Ass In The Bathhouse

Woody Fox looks like a straight lady’s wet dream. He’s masculine, he’s got those long luscious locks chicks dig, and BODY. What a slap in the face to the ladies when they find out that Woody would rather plant his porn caveman cock in the EXTREMELY muscular ass belonging to “The Blonde Flattop” – Johnny […]

Hot House: Johnny V Waits On Adam Bryant Hand And Foot (And Butthole)

Do I have any leathermen out there? You’re going to love this one. It’s the second scene of “Skuff 2” from Hot House. Musclestud Johnny V is all decked out in leather gear, and acting as a sub for Adam Bryant. He’s shaving his head, blacking his boots, and stuffing his butt with Adam’s big […]

Hot House: Sebastian Kross Takes Griffin Barrows For A Fuck In the Sling

Being fucked in a sling is one of the finer things in life. Sebastian Kross is hot to me in a way that is almost mystical. The tattoo emblazoned chest, the strapping body, that face. THAT DICK. Then Hot House fucks with me by stuffing Griffin Barrows in there. Griffin is hairy, with that bubble […]

Bless You, Hot House

Bringing Micah Back.   Thank you, Hot House. Thank you for listening to all my yelling about how Micah Brandt should be in everything. And than you for releasing this scene during my last week. It would be sad times if I left Manhunt Daily without getting to remind you all, one last time, that […]

Hot House is ‘Pushing Limits’

Push it real good.   I can’t totally explain my fixation on this one. I’ve spent all afternoon bouncing around Naked Sword clips and I’ve watched this scene all the way through twice now, even though it came out in March. Now, like I said over here, Sebastian Kross doesn’t really do anything magical for […]

Derek Atlas Is Back (And He’s Fucking Ricky Decker For Hot House)

Derek Atlas is primarily known for his work on Randy Blue, where he had the privilege of working with some of the hottest models in the history of the site—Cayden Ross, Diego Sans, Chris Rockway, Paul Wagner, Nick Sterling and a handful of other notable gay porn beauties. Derek was last seen on Randy Blue […]

FREE PORN: Win A Month-Long Membership To Hot House!

Today’s giveaway for Reader Appreciation Month will be a bit of a lightning round! I’ll be announcing the winner at 3:00 PM EST. If you’d like to receive a free one-month membership to gay porn site Hot House, respond to the following challenges before then: 1) Name, in chronological order, the seven bottoms who have participated […]