Solo Artist: Maskurbate’s Jake Is Your Private Dancer

A confession: I used to think Maskurbate was pretty ridic. And yes, this is from someone who recently celebrated the release of a gay porn parody of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (hey, I’m a geek and muscle-cubby Aspen really does it for me). It seemed very-50 Shades of Gay to me. However, watching the teaser of this dude Jake playing with his cock for our perusal…well, I might be a Maskurbate convert. Jake’s got a sweet body and a nice dick. Watching him fist it slowly and with obvious pleasure did it for me. The mask slowly grew less annoying as the dick got bigger, harder, and ready to shoot. By the time he shoots, it was like “what mask?” Maskurbate should thank Jake for what his jerking-off efforts have accomplished in terms of viewership. (And for chair-fucking! You’ll see what I mean.)

There’s more body by Jake below, and you can watch the whole scene at Maskurbate.

– Michael Xavier








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