Does 50 Cent Want Me To Kill Myself?

Are you a man over the age of twenty-five who’s never eaten pussy? If so, rapper 50 Cent thinks you should kill yourself! According to his Twitter feed, your suicide will make the world a better place. And in other news? He’d really enjoy some “oral bobbing on his ball sack”.

But let’s get back to the first comment. Presumably, he was making fun of straight men who don’t chow down on the Cindy Lou Va-Who-Who, in an attempt to promote cunnylingus and appeal to his female fans. The unfortunate side effect? He basically told all gay men to end their lives. You can always rely on this guy to be super sensitive, eh?

– Dewitt

To check out a screen-cap of the tweet, follow the JUMP:

101 thoughts on “Does 50 Cent Want Me To Kill Myself?

  1. Isn’t he the rapper that said, and I’m paraphrasing, he doesn’t trust gays because he doesn’t like not knowing what they’re thinking, but if two women want to get together than he could be down with that?

  2. Look at his spelling. Case and point. I can’t believe he’s been shot 19 times and not one of those bullets did their job… such a shame.

  3. Maybe we should turn that around
    and say that any man that hasn’t had a dick in his mouth should do the same.
    50 cent will you be able to stick around for the next piece of stupid that falls from your brain?

  4. I dun really see the point in getting up in arms about this, he’s just being stupid, in other words, he was trollin’ unintentionally, so like with all trolls, stop feeding him, and he’ll go away.

  5. Considering how many young people have killed themselves recently purely because people like this ass tell them and their fans that being gay is bad, I can’t see how anyone can possibly ignore this. Saw him walking up a staircase two days ago. Had I seen this before then, I’d have knocked him backwards down it. What a cunt.

  6. Joke or not, the world would be a better place without these “haters”. He’s an idiot who probably can’t spell his own name. Just look what is happening all over the country because of people like him, what a piece of work!

  7. He’s a jerk yeah but I would love to get fucked till i bleed by him. SO big and ripped. I wanna take it so hard from him

  8. Yeah, this is totally taken out of context, and if it isn’t who the hell cares? When was the last time he was relevant?

    T, give me a break, some of you people take everything sooo seriously. I know people have been killing themselves but you can’t blame shit like this.

  9. yes, some people take things so seriously that they kill themselves. it’s up to people that aren’t as sensitive to change the stigma that scares these kids to death, literally. and comments like this only perpetuate this. if you don’t have a social responsibility, then so be it, but don’t criticize people that do. i can and will absolutely blame things like this and it’s a shame more don’t.

  10. Fuck 50 Cent. Whether or not he intended to include the gay population in his statement (and it’s fairly clear that he didn’t), he doesn’t consider the feelings of others. That kind of apathy is the problem. Weathering cruelty and hate makes people stronger, and those who perpetrate it can be punished. It’s far more damaging to feel as though one does not matter or even exist, especially as a kid, and no law can be enacted to force acceptance or compassion.

    That said, he brings up an interesting point: Is oral a right or a privilege? I’m inclined to treat it as a right, but that’s probably because honoring it is just so much fun.

  11. And worst of all, 50 hasn’t put out any halfway decent music since 2003. I mean, fuck, why the hell is he still relevant?

    Oh and Brad, you called attention to his incorrect spelling and then said “case and point” rather than “case IN point,” proving you’re just as illiterate.

  12. Give me a break, if parents are in their children’s lives like they are supposed to be, maybe they could raise someone strong enough to not be swayed by people who criticize them. Don’t blame other people for your problems. Killing yourself is a decision that the individual makes themselves. Not because some bullshit rapper says so, and if they do, the wouldn’t make it in life anyway.

  13. Out of Context…Does anyone at manhunt can comprehend that the twit was not directed towards homosexual people? C’mon manhunt, you can do better than that.

  14. In context, out of context, makes little difference. This one screen capture has been posted and discussed on numerous sites on it’s own. It’s still strong, hateful language.

    Some of us are lucky enough to have support, obviously you are Eddie, but we can’t be so callous towards those that don’t. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure things like this don’t just slip past unchecked. We’ll obviously disagree on this, but it doesn’t make it less true.

  15. It always amazes me how someone of average/above average notoriety can post something on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/Website(of any kind) to get themselves noticed and talked about, and idiotic, stupid people always fall for it and start ranting about it. Dickheads, listen up – IGNORE HIM AND HE WILL GO AWAY!!!!!!

  16. Eddie R if U can pull your HEAD at of your ASS just long enough 2 realize the pain that these young must have been N !!!

    Jay I hope U R not as NASTY as your comment (: (: !!

  17. Obvi 50 cent isn’t terribly aware of the gay community, so when he said “man” he meant straight men…
    and you know WHAT! straight guys SHOULD eat p**sy, it’s only polite. okay, suicide is maybe a slightly harsh punishment, but he’s still right…
    What would you say about a gay guy who gets head, but doesn’t give head?

    frankly, this whole controversy is absurd

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