Johnny Weir Dismisses The Haters

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Admittedly, I haven't been keeping up with figure skater Johnny Weir. Does that make me a bad gay? The unapologetically flamboyant athlete was subject to harsh criticism from Olympic commentators. In an exchange between Canada's Claude Mailhot and Alain Goldberg, the two sportscasters suggested that he sets a "bad example" for the sport and should be forced to take a gender test (a la Caster Semenya).

At a press conference, Weir responded to the comments: "I felt very defiant when I saw these comments… To me, masculinity is all my perception. I think masculinity and femininity is something that's very old fashioned. There's a whole new generation of people that aren't defined by their sex or their race or who they like to sleep with." Well said! Because who ever said a real man can't wear sparkly shit?

– Dewitt

To watch a video from the press conference, follow the JUMP:

15 thoughts on “Johnny Weir Dismisses The Haters

  1. i would love to hear the commentators’ definition of masculinity which would be appropriate to figure skating……….

  2. This Guy Is A Moron And Sets Himself Up For these things With His “Piss Poor Attitude”, I personally am not a fan of his For Wearing White Fox Fur, Despite Acknowledging knowing the cruelty these animals go through in obtaining this pelt, Grow Some Empathy You Moron!!!

  3. I think that’s his perception and that’s cool, I don’t have a problem with him. It’s just a vast majority of people assume all gay guys are flamboyant like him.

  4. I would hardly call his personality in that video ‘flamboyant.’ He may wear pretty flamboyant outfits in his routines, but speaking-wise I would call him pretty middle of the road. That is, if you consider all of the butch, full of testosterone guys to be one far end of the spectrum. I hate when people consider machismo to be ‘normal’.

  5. Amen! These commentators are “bassackwards” morons. It’s one thing to critique an athlete/artist on his/her skill or craft, and it’s completely another thing to attack that individual for being who he is. The fact that these commentators are representing an organization while making such comments is troubling, and I would hope that said organizations would clear the air and make it very clear that the personal attitudes of individual employees are not those of the organization. These idiots need to be fired, rehired, and then fired again!

  6. two things.
    1st) Figure skating maintains elitist attitudes that are shameful and disrespectful to the vast majority of individuals who don’t subscribe to their stepford standards. Obviously this is disgusting and somewhat infuriating.
    2nd) While I dont endorse the comments due to their malicious nature, there is something to be said of his attitude, both on and off the ice. Honestly there is no excuse for anyone (boy OR girl) to act so ridiculously. He epitomizes the stereotype of an empty headed mindless fuck.
    So yes those are definitely ass-backward comments, but he chose to place himself in a position where he would be judged. Maybe he should reflect on the material he provides individuals with which he is judged.

  7. The comments were stupid, malacious and came from men who make themselves sound like neaderthals…
    Men who act fem are not my cup of tea, but figure skating is a sport, but costumes and glitz are a part of it…
    I don’t agree with the man’s taste in costumes, but that’s his decision…
    I’ve seen female skaters who wear costumes and make up that make them look like total hoochi mamas and five dollar whores…no one seems to give a damn about that…
    I try not to feel as if I take someone’s side just because they are gay…but damn guys…don’t rip him up, just because his personal tastes don’t align with yours…
    Part of being gay is getting to be creative and sometimes over the top, and not having to skate in a navy blue three button suit…

  8. I have never been a fan of his and I think he is over the top flamboyant but his answer was a class act because I would have told them 2 KISS my happy FLAMBOYANT ass not on the left, not on the right but right N the GROVE !!! BTW Alex I do the capitalization thing a lot as well especially if I am TRYING 2 make a point

  9. Johnny,
    YOU’RE MY HERO !!!!
    You represented us well in this Olympics at Vancouver and I wish YOU AND YOUR FAMILY THE VERY BEST in the future. I watched you skate and I took in the media about your outfits… and I want to thank you for being who you are and delivering the performances on Olympic ice that you did for Queers and our Nation!!! You are graceful and gracious. You are beauty and MASCULINITY. You are ferocious and fierce and diginified. YOU, my dear boy are what so many here want to be… Hold your head high and know that you have OUR respect!!!
    I thank you for all you ARE and I’m proud to be a GAY AMERICAN !!!
    Benny Big Game.
    Las Vegas

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